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  • Jeff Axelsson

    It's hard being a Leaf fan these days,
    they are in the same position as the Blackhawks were in before Toews and Kane came along and changed the face of the francise

  • TommyCage0736

    I remember going to games as a kid when we had Roenick and Chelios and Belfour. As soon as we traded Roenick things went downhill fast. You couldn't find 5,000 people at the games because of what Bill Wirtz did. He destroyed the team. So when asshole Wings fans who aren't even 30 years old are calling Hawk fans bandwagon, its like hey fucker, your team has made the playoffs practically every year of your life. Shut the fuck up cause you haven't been through the dark days that I've been through. Or other fans have been through. While my team sucked for years I had to watch your team have all the glory, and I respected you for it. Now give us our respect that we earned fair and square.

  • Jocelyn Kale

    +Stephen ok than how bout you try playing goalie. Shure as heck you won't be able to stop a beach ball. Leave the flyers goalie alone

  • FitzPlaysPS4 _

    Before the new management took over Black hawks home games were rarely ever televised. I remember only ever watching away games with my dad. it was hard for us as fans to even keep up with our team so i understand people that were on the fence turn to other sports.
    thank goodness the hawks organization turned it around amazing franchise.

  • famguy218

    The Blackhawks fans came back to the games because a lot of people recognized Rocky's efforts to restore the franchise and the ticket prices got cheaper. Before Rocky took over, the tickets for Blackhawks games were some of the most expensive in the league. Who would pay so much money to watch a team that sucked? Rocky's dad managed the franchise terribly, and everyone should praise Rocky for how he turned what used to be called "the worst franchise in sports" (in the same city as the Cubs) to one of the best right now.
    I do agree that there are lots of Blackhawks fans who don't know shit about hockey and thrash talk to other fans but realize what happened and why we had no fanbase before 2007. I hope the Cubs can come back like this too. Go Blackhawks, and good luck in beating LA tomorrow!