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  • Stacy Krausmann

    My idea of handling this. First, catch the perps. Second, tie them each up with rope. Third, strip them of all clothing. Fourth, make small razor cuts on their legs.

    Then, one at a time, lower them into a tank containing Tiger Sharks.

    Oh…..and did I mention this happens on live TV.

    Cop Killers need to die awful and grizzly deaths.

    No trials.
    No mercy.
    No pleas.
    No anything.

    Just kill them in as evil, demonic way possible so that, anyone choosing their path, will know what fate awaits them.

    ⌛has run out on criminals and evil.

  • Akon 2015

    #blacklivesmatter: This is a message for all those that support this terrorist group. You are done. Your going to wish you had played this differently. When your tied up, and the thugs take turns on YOUR kids, raping them in the ass and then gang raping your pretty little wife, you will wish that a cop was around. Your done. You will loose.