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  • Lannon Adamolekun

    LVG is only a coward and he should better learn from Jose Mourino or else he can't win any silverware. Anthony Martial is wasted on the left flank.

  • Theo Kontos

    Rooney needs to be benched its f ucking ridiculous! and why is Memphis getting no game time. this will ruin his confidence, I mean he hasn't been awful, just underperforming lately.

  • Willos 20

    Positives: We didn't lose
    Defence was awesome
    Martial was the best player on the pitch
    Negatives: Rooney was shite
    should have won it
    Match was fucking dreadful

  • AramiGGs27

    A 32 year old Robin van Persie would definitely have done a better job if he'd stayed, but no, you had to call for his head didin't you? Rooney's been nothing but atrocious, I don't care, he's a legend at this club, but he's been worthless this season…

  • md ibz

    overall I think we were the better team, we created chances and kept good possession, frankly I'm not too disappointed with a draw, at least we got a point

  • HaZe

    I'm not one of these people jumping on the bandwagon attacking Rooney but there is not enough creativity upfront and he needs a reality check and needs to be put on the bench. Kompany and Otamendi had a field day today because every time Rooney received the ball he had his back to goal and stopped any play or creativity from happening…Martial would've been great at No.9 today and would of been a nightmare for Kompany and Otamendi especially seeing as Kompany was on a yellow. I would like to see Martial up top with Depay or Lingard on the left, our defence has been solid apart from the Arsenal game and so have our midfield we just need the balance and move the ball quicker in the final third and with Martial we have that. A lineup I would like to see is:

    De Gea

    Darmian/Valencia Jones Smalling Rojo

    Schneiderlin Schweinsteiger

    Mata/Lingard Herrera/Rooney Depay/Young/Lingard


  • jason36100

    Last season I doubted Rooney's ability as a captain but this season he's fit into the role very well, directing the play and fighting for his players, sadly it doesn't make up for his form. Once he gets back inform though I think we can make a serious challenge for the title.

  • Ramboo339

    Rooney: 55% pass accuracy 0 shots on target 0 chances created 0 .Whats the excuse this time? Ball was underweight? No runners? The sky was too bright? Unbelievable, Mata was more productive and played 10x better than him but Mata somehow gets substituted

  • Drey Cassius

    Schneiderlin MoM for me. Absolutely dominated that midfield. Compliments Schweini perfectly. Great technique, composure, break up play..had everything to his game. was so close to scoring aswell..

  • D to The Main

    Very disappointed we didn't win today, have to be beating our title rivals at home especially when they are without their best two players, I think today showed that we're not a team that will win the league this season.

  • JO Darmian

    people are blaming Rooney for the draw .. how many chances were created for him? Cristiano Ronaldo can't score if he has lil service as Rooney did. City clearly played for a draw

  • RP FS2

    Away from home without the 2 best players in the country against a supposed title rival and only 1 save to make, which was in the last 10 mins.
    Utd should be embarrassed tbh, no ambition.

  • karatechop123

    i'd be gutted to see rooney dropped and he will put in for a transfer if he's gettin benched. i dont know if it's the beginning of the end or not but he needs to improve! he needs that spark back or he needs to go. martial was out of position, he needs to play CF