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  • F.O.E

    WHY YALL HATIN? I can se if he was arrogant and cocky, but no. he doin what he alway wanted to do and makin money doin it? what yall doin? yall probably blastin his music while hatin

  • thatrican chic

    I don't see why everyone is making a big deal about his dreads and the flag… he's a grown man he does what he wants… and at the end of the he's making money

  • London Peter

    Fetty is so humble & sweet so whoever dosent like him is a hater. He got dreads because he wanted to last time i check he was grown & could make his own decisions while yall sitting here being negative writing something he probbally aint even gone see

  • Keith Mercer

    Fetty's legit yo. Humble dude takes care of his family. And he puttin out mad hits. I like every song he puts out… dope beats!

  • trudelle james

    I cried when he was talking too his son and mother its sad cause when people are happy others hate on you the most

  • Miami Lex

    And people need to stop with the negativity…this man said he always wanted dreads so he got them…I don't see why anybody would care about that..its his hair wtf

  • Jess JayEel

    Not going to lie, this Haitian was not too fond of a non-Haitian wearing our flag. We take it seriously because our ancestors fought and died for that flag. It also represents our struggle as Haitians dealing with poverty and negative stigmas. So we don't take too kind with people trying to make a mockery of it or doing because it's "cool". But Fetty is definitely a different breed. I actually find myself liking his music. Became a big fan over the past few weeks. Love that he focused on Unity. The flag was created to unify the black and the mixed race Haitians. It was important for our country to come together and put our differences aside to gain our independence. We did it successfully. Something we all should learn from as people. So he has my approval.