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  • Violet Deliriums

    As much as I agree with everything you've said, I think a lot of people in Middle Eastern countries have felt that same sense of danger you describe for a long time, and I'd say that Western countries have had their hand in that. In no way does it justify the action that these terrorists took, but perhaps the actions of these terrorists don't warrant more violence on our part either.

  • johnsdeath

    According to latest French news: 3 guys in a car went to different places in Paris, shooting people at public spots, and ending at the concert venue "Le Bataclan" where they took hostages and eventually murdered 70 people. This taking place in a few minutes. At the same time, some others blew themselves in the soccer stadium. The total in deaths is 70 at the concert, and 48 (?) elsewhere in the city. Not counting the injured and crippled

  • Alura Lapierre

    This is a horrible event unfolding. I'm so angry that I want to say awful things. But I find no words that would work. My heart goes out to the lovely people of France. I pray they catch all the perps before more innocent people are killed.

  • macaron3141592653

    You people fucking suck. So many of you are pointing your dicks out to blame islam and refugees who are running away from this EXACT type of violence from probably the SAME people. Instead of looking at the muslims giving their condolences to the event and scholars condemning it ya'll want to make islam and muslims the scapegoat. That shits only gonna make things worse, it already has. Our job as civilized people is to stop this type of ignorance and come out of this in a positive way, and fight nothing and nobody but the direct aggressors. This was a tragic event and our hearts should go out to these people.

    Also ISIS is not yet the confirmed perpetrator. Whether or not they are they should be burned alive.

  • RolodexEnigma

    118 dead in the concert hall so far. Josh Homme was not playing that show and the whole band is safe. That's the latest as of 7:47 eastern time.

  • Peaceful Demise Band

    This is the events that are signs that humanity is simply doomed. We cause war, death, famine and well just pure sadness. It makes me lose faith with our race. But then I look on Twitter and I see all of the beautiful things people are saying about this. It was very emotional to read through. A horrible night but hopefully this is just a spark that doesn't turn into the fire that will engulf our planet.

  • The Sickness

    Stuff like this will happen more often, sadly. I doubt something is going to stop them, unless the whole world unites and declares war and destroys every trace of terrorists. #PrayForParis