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  • Randy Gutierrez

    i don't normally hate on anything but sweet jesus, those are horrible jerseys. the reporters were kissing ass saying those were "good" jerseys. here's the god honest truth…….their terrible. the recent ones were 1,000x better……cleveland cavs jerseys are ugly with dat mustard color…….now the browns with this eye gouging design.

  • Christian “MajinTrell” Miller

    they good i guess..ima bengals fan…but i mean is this gon help yall perform though??? coz i hate the browns… but i hate steelers more… so step ya shit up dawg pound

  • John Adams

    I LOVE IT!!! I FUCKIN LOVE IT as a die hard browns fan these are fresh as fuck. Devante parker is gonna be a monster in these. Now lets build up our offense

  • Dontdoittoyoself

    Ugly shit. Nike and NFL owners have been trying to change every team uniform for a fast buck. Fuck this and Fuck Nike.

  • William Ogden

    At least we know now that the Browns are going to lose 15 games in 2015 and look completely lame doing so. Better than having actual hope I guess that something might change in the future.

  • Kevin Wedderburn

    Cleveland Browns uniforms look like dog shit out there. I am glad that I am not a big fan of their uniforms. O14K sucks!

  • Tee Dee

    As a L.O.N.G. suffering Brownie's fan, I could give a rat's ass about our team's new uniform's. Beside's 'we' have forever always had the best, most classic uniform in all of NFL history anyway. So to 'our' owner Jimmy Haslam, start giving a shit about 'our' team. First by signing some motherfuckin' competent management to put the peice's in place for 'us' to compete & succeed. Because while I will NEVER, EVER jump ship on 'my' Browns, I am so bloody tired of this losing, it is making me & I am positive, countless other fan's of the team motherfuckin' sick.