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  • tim1014

    I love how the number one bullet point reason to not own a Chromebook is because it doesn't accomplish much offline. Maybe I'm just an over-privileged person, but how many of you really are often in situations where you don't have internet access? When the power goes out during a storm? When you're on a plane? Here is a simple solution: Get a life. That's it, just get a life. Live without your laptop for those few hours and read a book or just do something else. Or if you know ahead of time that you will be without internet access then just save a bunch of articles to the Pocket application and just read them offline. Stop being such a crybaby. If you are in a temporary situation to where you will be without internet for a few hours, but have to be connected to your machine so you can play games and photoshop pictures of your dumb cat while you're without access, then you need help. Again, get a life because this isn't even a reasonable argument to people who actually have a life.

  • Isaiah Johnson

    I'm not a computer wiz, I don't use a smartphone, not really a fan of Microsoft; all I need a computer for nowadays is to type my documents and play my music and watch movies. Do Chromebooks have any kind of 'Word' program for typing or some kind of music (So I can use my mp3 player or CD's) or movie player so I can watch my DVD's? If anyone knows please respond….

  • Ricky Gonzalez

    Woohoo Flipboard on my chromebook.I can already make phonecalls on my Chromebook with Google Hangouts.I love my Samsung Chromebook.