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  • adamgreen222

    Assuming you do 90% of your mobile computing in a browser and you don't need an iOS-only app, this is a phenomenal machine for its size. Look at how little you get for most mobile hardware or automotive products and this is a lot of compute-power and great video performance for less than a typical Android Auto or Apple Carplay head unit. I think there's a wide open market opportunity (I think I need to coin the tag #WOMO) for a docking station that goes into a DIN or double-DIN car dash and accept this kind of device as a securely mounted (theft proof) all purpose head unit (Nav, phone, browser, backup camera, dash-cam, security surveillance, etc.)

  • PrankHubTV

    This is what you call revolutinaqry Apple!
    - A keyboard that can charge the laptop and no im not being sarcastic, I applaud Google again!

  • Johnny

    What's wrong with you people! This looks like an amazing piece of kit for the money. I suspect too many comments from little kids, who expect everything for free or very little money.

  • Kalvin One

    Finally!! The screen is a bit small and the frame is not borderless. Please Google put the function to bring the frameless tablet and no touch detected when fingers or a in thing big hold the devices (like on the Apple products). On my mobile phone, I m right handed, as soon as reaching the q or the 1 letter, I always touch the bottom corner left of the screen. I have found another keyboard to make it smaller so the q letter is reachable with 1 hand and it's not enough as I have to buy a case to increase the border high of 2mm so the palm is not touching the screen neither (the enter touch). Please Google help in that huge useful option asap !!!

  • Mr. Q - iLoveQatar.net

    They should be brought out chrome book pixel then shown this as an evolution. Would have had more theatrical impact.