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  • ZERG107

    Great video.
    I like how you kept the original sound of the games, and had the background music quiet. That's the best way to make a highlight video, good shit.

  • Sam Mueth

    Could you not show us ruining that fucker named Bruce Arians season twice. We better kick those fuckers asses this year

  • Emilio Melendez

    Rams broke my heart a lot this year. The cowboys game giving up a 21 pt lead was complete bs effort, both cardinals game, the first one was cuz az was undefeated and the rams were winning 14-10 and ended up getting blown out in the last 5 min 31-14 was also shitty, and the 2nd az game was the day of my uncles funeral and he was a huge ram fan, so I wanted that W for him, and they failed miserably that game was honestly pathetic by the offense and awesome by the d. And the last disappointment was the charger game, cuz I was at that game when Brian shittyheimer blew the game and deserves to be thrown off the plane ride home for that bs play calling. With all that being said, 6-10 with 2 3rf string caliber qbs is actually not bad, and finally with a healthy foles I'm praying he stays healthy, and with that d and gurley and the young o line, 2015 is definitely going to be the year of the rams just wait on it, and they can bring that great season momentum back home to LA where they belong in 2016

  • James Jordan

    Thank it's funny during the Bucs game Zac Stacy scores a touchdown, Ray Ray Armstrong gets the recovery, and Austin Pettis makes a huge catch and none of them on the team anymore.


    I was going to complain about you skipping the home Cardinals game, but then I remembered there were no highlights for either team that game. I was actually at that game too.

  • Victoria Fan

    jeff fisher deserves a super bowl win with these guys from how much he has changed this franchise and made it totally different and effective. I pray they make it this year

  • Ray ismyname

    No one is going to see the Rams coming this year. Last year they lost SO many close game but at times looked like a team that was FAR better than the record they were posting. Some of that was chemistry, play calling, player moral, injuries etc, but I saw things that made me VERY excited. This is a team that is ready to pop wide open. My prediction is that the 9ers get swept, the Rams WIN in Seattle, take the west and go deep in the play-offs. Fisher will win a Super Bowl with the Rams. The Defense is going to utterly dominate.

  • Ty Montoya

    Huge Rams fan but I thought this video was poorly done and truthfully I think this is one of the worst channels on YouTube

  • Chris Rongey

    They just need an offensive line. GREAT defense. Pretty good special teams with bailey and austin. Eagles gave away Nick Foles pretty much. We got Gurley. We got some good WRs. All the rams need is to get O-line