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  • Shannon Tsai

    I'm only experiencing the psychological aspects of it. So I don't know if the symptoms arise cause of my paranoia or cause I really do have a concussion. Thoughts?

  • Eric Miller (PseudoNinja)

    My six year old got her first concussion this week while on the playground. Thank you for this video she was able to follow along and understand her injury.

  • That.Horsey.Gal

    One time I was at a horse show and my horse bucked me off. When I fell i landed on my head and my helmet broke. As soon as I got home I had a headache and fell asleep about two hours later I felt sick and went in the bathroom my head started to heat up and next thing I know I'm throwing up right after I threw up I felt a lot better and no longer having that sick feeling of headache that was a year ago. About a week ago I forgot what my kitchen and my school yard looked like. As soon i I remembered it I forgot again a second later. Is that bad? Because my friends think I have amnesia.

  • Houston Methodist

    Concussions account for 15% of all sports-related injuries. Learn about concussions & how they're treated via this creative video. – Jason

  • motokrack

    thanks for your help , ive been concussed for four days , and you helped ne understand a bit clearer , what that means , you're exactly right about people thinking you are fine , when your not , i feel like im going to recover but im not sure ,

  • Josh Jones

    For the people in the comments that are suffering from post-concussive syndrome: there is something you should try that may help lessen or get rid of the post concussive symptoms you are experiencing. From personal experience, seeing an osteopath and cranial sacral therapist made me feel the same as I did before the concussion (the problems with cognitive function and vision were completely gone after my 3rd session with an osteopath).

    Head trauma can causes misalignments of the cranial bones which effect the proper flow of blood and cranial fluid to the brain. Restoring the proper alignment can help with the symptoms of a concussion. I'd strongly recommend that anyone with post concussion syndrome see an osteopath or cranial sacral therapist with 10+ years of experience.

  • Beyaunka Paquette

    I was ice skating at age 11, tripped backwards and knocked myself out. I woke up with people skate/walking me off the rink. My caretaker said I was out for a good 3 minutes. I don't even remember skating backwards. Probably should have gone to the hospital.

  • joey lancaster

    I can't figure out if I'm concussed I haven't been able to sleep for 4 days and have a slight headache and very little nausea while I was lifting weights so I don't know if I have a concussion. I was at football and we hit Helmets but usually I never get a concussion from a collision of our helmets, anyways I'll hope I can sleep

  • Diane Lu-Hovasse

    Thank you. I discovered this video at such a timely point… a couple of weeks after having a collision between my left temple and a 45-pound end of a weightlifter's bar. It's true. People around don't realize the seriousness of it. I certainly didn't until I experienced on-going symptoms after the 7-10 days the doctor said would be phase one. How complex is this injury!

  • Skyler Malo

    So I was in the hallway and and I fell on my head and I lost consciousness for like 30 seconds and that was a while ago and I still can't remember what happened that week or day and my parents wouldn't take me to the doctors to see if I did! I had headaches everyday for three weeks but now I'm better I just wish I went to the doctors

  • Prevention to Performance Physiotherapy (P2P Physio)

    The symptoms of a concussion can be tough for kids to recognize. This video to explain concussion symptoms and the return to play procedures after a concussion. This would be a great video to show to young kids and athletes.