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  • Mischievous Roze

    I was one of the few who defended the flag and it was nice to finally hear someone say "They can fly what they want and offense isn't all that matters" after hearing sooooooooo many people say "Its old, its racist, it needed to go long ago."

  • Mad World

    I am annoyed by both of these issue. I agree with you about the flag issue whole heartily. The same-sex marriage is a bitter sweet moment to me however. On one hand I completely agree that what consenting adults want to do they should be able to do. On the other hand I see this being used to dismantle other freedoms. I think it won't be long before they sue a church for refusing to marry a couple they don't approve of. Marriage shouldn't have been state sanctioned in the first place…we should have been fighting that instead.

    Oh and don't feed me that "love=marriage" bull as an argument for this. The logical argument is far more convincing I think.

  • Gord Birch

    STOP being so fucking offended. I say that so often, and I like that +Vernaculissaid it – YOU own your reaction -

    Since when do we have a society that "I take offence to that" should have any response other than "So what" – move on, don't listen, shut it off, etc…

    And I agree about the marriage ruling too :) Fantastic video, listen right to the end.

  • Road Fox

    I liked this comment from the news story linked in the description.
    "Ted Snow ยท Top Commenter ยท Ncsu wolfpack
    I will obtain and fly the flag if for no other reason than to annoy those that don't like it. I will not be dictated to as to what I can or cannot do!"

  • Jon Doe (Mr White Foxy)

    Lol Gays get federal rights on marriage when men across the nation are actively not choosing to get married since it's a big pile of shit. So pretty much they are getting something that fewer and fewer people give a shit about now days.

  • Ryogirl18

    Some of Jewish people in my community is upset that the Nazi is still being allowing to be sold on Amazon when the rebel flag is stop being sold. The slope is getting slippery.

  • AwoudeX

    Sooo, everyhing has to become 1 shade of grey untill there comes someone along that finds that offensive, only one solution is left, eradication…. Then someone finds that oblivion is offensive….

  • Jimmy The Horned God

    Its really no different to when they attempted to blame heavy rock music in the 80's and 90's, and how they rushed to implicate the lyrics of songs as the cause of the private motivations and actions of troubled young boys that killed people.

    In a moral panic people always use any petty bullshit to scapegoat their fear and guilt onto. The real reasons get lost in the mess. They just pick the path of least resistance or an easy target and off we go!

    We all know mass media communicates in simple words and symbols anyway, so a historically burdened flag is perfect to give the impression that they are 'dealing with the problem' whilst washing their hands of the tragedy. Easy peasy. Problem solved. We can all rest at night knowing we never have to see that nasty flag ever again.

    Wonder what they'll ban next. Pokemon? A lot of pedophiles like Star Trek! Get rid of it before it harms anymore children!

  • thekangarooboxer

    marriage is a racket. divorce is a racket. im a marriage abolitionist. i want to see the state get out of people's bedrooms, and people's bedrooms out of my wallet. just because im single, and will forever be, doesn't mean married people should get to pay less to the state than i have to. im MGTOW, and im bisexual. which puts me smack dab in the middle of being a target of criticism, and exempt from being a target of accusations of homophobia, at the same time.

    as for the confederate flag, i don't think it belongs AS the flag of a state within the union, but i don't disagree with it being flown or displayed as a memorial, or artifact. i certainly don't advocate for banning it in private, or public display. i don't advocate for banning the swastika, the feminist fist symbol, the black panther fist symbol, or any other supposed "hate group". one of the greatest, most important aspects of American culture is the right to free speech, and the disagreements and conversations we can have under it.

    all things considered, this huge fuckfest going on about it is a distraction, and it's foolish. removing Dukes of Hazard memorabilia or banning games about Gettysburg isn't going to make racism against blacks go away. that's just dumb.