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  • DoctaM3

    Dad Made Me Do It & I have no regrets. He nurtured my love for cars, inspired me to succeed & I am eternally grateful.

  • Slyfer

    Hey Docta I'm 16 and your videos always inspire me to do better in life and better my situation for me and my mom but the problem is I have no guidance at all, what could I do to try and better my situation and hopefully complete my goal and make it to where you're at in life?

  • Izahg Ila

    Being poor got me interested. Seeing my family catch buses got me interested. Seeing myself catch buses everyday for the past 6 years got me interested. Seeing people my age (20) driving convertibles and AMG's got me interested. I won't stop working until my whole family is chilling in supercars.

  • Siege

    My Pops as well for sure. Seeing him go through a plethora of pretty nice cars over the years has been pretty cool. And it rubbed off on me and my brother.

  • cmorales2831

    Good to hear you open up a bit about something personal, no doubt your father would be proud of you. Like you, my dad got me into cars. It all started with his first BMW, a 1998 e39 540i :)

  • Josh Clark

    Hey guys, i made a Robin williams tribute video and i'd really appreciate it if you could check it out, i made a paul walker one a while ago and it did fantastic.

  • Uhgene Ignorian

    GRANTURISMO!!!! Got me into cars. I've played that game since the very first one came out. Jeez I had to be at least 6 years old when that game came out and I've been in love with cars ever since.

  • Jadon Ghereben

    I think my cousin got me into cars. He always let me play with his hotwheels and his need for speed on the original Xbox and we played on the car "simulators" at like chucks cheese or boomers ahhh good times I miss those days. He used to have a e36 m3 which was fast but had a lot of problems and sold it.

  • Flacko 69

    I love the noise when ur downshift and makes that sexy backfire lol

    Reason I got I got involved was because my dad's histories of old domestic cars hr had, video games, and watching the movie series of fast and furious… I truly enjoy all types of cars… To trucks to suvs… To hypercars to JDM cars, and motor bikes… I love your Avenger lol keep making videos, thanks.

  • Robert Briones

    My earliest memory was playing with my hot wheels cars and then seeing movies like Smokey and the bandit and fast and the furious franchise.

  • Juan Gomez

    My dad got me into cars every since i was a baby.. I have a huuuuge collection of hotwheels and video games of cars (need for speed)(granturismo) that i played on the ps2. When i was 6, my dad bought me a corvette power wheel that ive always loved.. Also when i was very young my dad owned a acura rsx-s and everytime he rev matched in it, it would make me smile. Ever since then.. Ive been a car fan. Also.. Thanks to youtubers like you Doctam3, Tj hunt, shmee,Thatdudeinblue, Subaruwrxfan,Evan shanks, Rob.D, and many more! Thanks to my dad and YOU guys