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  • MK Dallas

    Tough road game game for the eventual SB champion cowboys. Dan Reeves coached a great game, plus mile high was not a fun place to visit for the opposing teams.

  • Brian Waas

    By any chance, was the quarterback that was rotating in and out with Shawn Moore, did that happen to be Tommy Maddox? Sorry for the weird wording to that question.

  • Chris Kreager

    The 1992 Broncos: 7-1 at home, 1-7 on the road. Amazing to think they couldn't beat the offensively laughable Seahawks on Monday Night Football

  • Brian Felts

    Thank you for posting this. I was there at Mile High and this was a great game. I was cheering on the Cowboys from the South Stands. Thanks for all you post.

  • redmustang03

    I've been looking for this game for years. I remember seeing the last drive after the Washington vs. Giants game where I lived in Centerville, Virginia. I just remember Jay Novacek getting 3 balls and that 3rd and long to Irvin to get the first down. Also, the first game for Tommy Maddox where he stalled out and then went to Pittsburgh and had that one good year.