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  • Thorfinn Galahad

    I'm not with Stars or Buffalo, but from unsided point of view, it is rather shame and undeserved victory.
    Also, when you realize that Hašek actually was the only true push that get them into play-off finale, you can not help but feel sorry he did not win – best goalkeeper ever – no matter how many victories or shoutouts other goalies had, it also depend highly on what bunch of skaters you have in front of you.
    No wonder most of experts admits, if it was about single game and the single team they could bring from all the players at their best times – Hašek would be first choice.

    P.S.: I can not help, but ever since that 99' victory, I'm smehow glad every time Stars lose the game or do not make it into post season.

  • David Nichols

    This is why the goal wad in fact a valid goal: Hull had initially gained possession of the puck outside the crease and had made a shot that was blocked by Buffalo goaltender Dominik Hasek. One of Hull's skates entered the crease as he corralled the rebound, and Hull's second shot scored the Cup-winning goal, followed by a lengthy official review. The goal was eventually allowed, as having simply blocked Hull's shot rather than catching it, Hasek never took possession of the puck away from Hull. Officials therefore determined that rather than calling it a loose puck, Hull would be considered to have had continuous possession of the puck from before his first shot outside the crease.

  • Cat Channel JM

    You stupid Buffy fans hasek was the only reason you made it to the playoffs your team sucks you will never win the cup