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  • Psykoged

    Hvordan vil du sige danskere er forfærdelige mennesker? Er det fordi vi er svære at komme ind på? Ikke særligt udadvendte… fnyser af alt og alle på grund af Janteloven.. 20% af befolkningen helst vil se alt med mørk hud udrenset..
    Okay… I get your point.

  • SquirrelMonkeyCom

    Great video! Danish movies are awesome, especially Dogme'95 movies. I've watched Edioterne, Riget, Festen and I loved them. Reading Danish seems not that hard, but as soon as they talk they melt all the words together and sound like a drunk German who tries to speak Swedish. :P Are you going to create a video about the USA as well?

  • Giulio A.

    You get paid for studying? Seriously? Would you adopt me? I'm gonna wash your dishes and I can sleep on the floor!

  • Aynal Rana

    Ha ha ha! You are hilarious but entertaining to watch! Coming to Copenhagen for my masters at the University of Copenhagen in coming September. I am from Bangladesh btw, any suggestion about Danish foods?

  • Timothy O'Brien

    You are REALLY funny. You need to get out of YT and get famous. You're actually one of two really attractive Danish girls I've seen. One was a girl named Mette, whom I dated briefly back in the 80's. She was hot. Your English is WAY better.

    When they spoke Danish (with the others), I was stare in disbelief. I would ask them if they could speak Swedish so I could understand them. They laughed. One of my Swedish ex's works three days a week in Denmark. She lives in Helsignborg. She's beginning to understand Danish. I'm relearning Swedish. My brain. Anyway, you're adorable.

  • Jamie Rodriguez

    jag e dansk o dansk medborgare men bott i sverige i hela mitt liv nästan men som tur e då kan jag prata flytande svenska o danska men skriva danska de funkar inte då de e skit svårt LOL :)

  • peter petersen

    Danmark er ikke kendt for lego i udlandet, der er blevet mere opmærksomhed på det efter lego filmen, men ellers er det ukendt, dette skyldes at lego altid forsøger at få lego til at virke som et nationalprodukt, derfor tror mange US borgere at lego kommer fra USA, tyskerne tror det er Tyskland osv.

  • Tomás Reynoso

    You forget to mention some other stuff like literature or Tv series like Forbrydensen or brön/bruen that we are enjoying in Argentina.

  • Carl Nissen

    Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world 2015 poll. Lol nice. I Live in the shitty uk.. How is the economy is everyrhing overpriced in Denmark, like in norway?