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  • BizMeister

    You will be missed dearly De Gea :(
    At madrid all you get is money, and hot spanish women..
    No love from the club and it's supporters.

  • Jordan No.1 Messi Fan

    In my opinion, de Gea is the best goalkeeper on the planet, better than Neuer by far, de Gea is only 24 years old, just think what he'll be like when he's like 27!

  • dw967

    If its true that RM won't offer us more than 15m for him I say keep him and let his contract run out next year.

  • Riddhi Khan

    I was angry, United fans all were angry at him. But I've learn to live with it and appreciate what he has done for us. He has been this seasons hero and he is almost the sole reason why United are back in the Champions League. Thank You dave, you are the real MVP. One day when we are strong enough to challenge the UCL (And we will be) maybe we'll face Real Madrid and those two teams can tear one another apart. And you can show us those amazing saves you did in a United shirt. You will lose the match of course, but thank you for everything. Gotta tell you, wasn't easy typing this.

  • Odshoorn

    Real Madrid is a disgusting club, the fans are booing Casillas and Bale… Why the hell do they boo a club legend like Casillas? Say what you want, but that club is full of shit.

  • ajimlala

    Real want de gea, we want bale but they've offered coentrao. Lets do a counter offer, lindegaard for ronaldo

  • Pete Brookman

    Fuck Madrid. All they do is steal and ruin quality players from clubs who have worked tirelessly to develop them into excellent footballers. They have the shittest, most plastic fans football has ever seen and don't deserve their club's money. Real Madrid has the worst mentality of any club ever, like a spoilt 12y/o on Fifa. The day this pathetic excuse for a club rots and dies will be a great day for football.

  • Tristan Calabrese

    I love you Dave! I don't blame you for leaving but we NEED you and we all love you! Please stay!

  • King Eric Cantona

    I know many might not agree when i say that David de Gea is the best goalkeeper in the world, but it seems a fitting title after this season specifically. He's nearing a transfer to the most corrupt, shitty club with the most disgraceful fans on the planet and I just wanted to thank him for all the amazing saves he's produced. Goodbye David still gonna love you wherever you go.