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  • Suika Nine

    Here's a thought, let's not follow daylight savings time and instead everyone in the world should follow only one big standard time all year round. Problem solved.

  • Vegan Games

    Please use metric more CGP Grey. Don't put it in small text for the rest of us. Encourage your U.S audience to use a better system…

  • EC912

    I live in a country on the equator. I used to have no idea of why they would want to mess with their clock that DST it is and I used to strongly oppose DST. But, ever since I stayed in Germany for 7 months, some of which are DST months, I get the idea. My apartment had a balcony facing the east with all glass partition to the inside. Even though there was a curtain, the sunlight still gets into my bedroom at sunrise. And if even a tiny part somehow didn't get covered by the curtain, then good luck with that blindingly awakening glare. In June-July, the sun rises as early as 5 a.m. (on DST). I certainly wouldn't want the sunrise at 4 a.m. So, actually DST has a virtue in that respect. Although it causes inconvenience in other ways as well.

  • IoEstasCedonta

    Moving from New York to England to explain why DST/summer time is crap… he's sort of like the anti-Oliver.

  • Emre Y

    why the fuck don't we stay permanently on DST? why the fuck do we reverse it in the fall again. It's fucking annoying to go home in the dark after work in the winter. Can anyone explain this?

  • itssugarfree

    So "most" of Oz has daylight savings except Western Australia, Northern Territory or Queensland…. those three states ARE most of Oz!!!