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  • Baby Angel

    first inviting Denise and then critizing her in their aparently subtle way. I think there is definetley negativity in that conversation, at least coming from whoopy in the end of this interview

  • x0janine0x

    I think Whoopi is right. If her kids are in the show, fine. But then she shouldn't say she wants to "protect" them from the media and all.

  • Jenii-Lee Smith

    For anyone who doesn't believe this poor woman. Take a look at her Declaration which goes into complete details about her reasoning for wanting a divorce, restraining order, etc. You can view the Declaration which is 17 pages long on "thesmokinggun" Web site. When you get to the site you will see an area that says "Search". Click it and type in Denise Richards Declaration. Such a shocking thing to read but interesting. I'm glad I read it. Now I know who the REAL Charlie Sheen is.

  • d will

    thats alright Denise come on over i,ll take care of you and your children forget about the trolls you have had relationships with in the past and have a great relationship with a great guy who will give you the love you deserve mmmmhhhhhaaaaaa

  • Newsense Tng

    Why are people so fucking bitchy.
    Does anyone actualy know her?
    yeah you know the people who deside she is dumb and a whore, who teh fuck are you to say that? The day you meet her and the day you actualy get to know her is the day that some body is aloud to say some thing.
    Twats who just come on line to slag off people they have never met before and dick heads full stop.

  • alstonpmaroon

    Could Denise Richards be any more of a D-list celebrity????????? Honey, you are NOT complicated…what you are is OVERRATED, SHALLOW, VAPID, USELESS, and a MEDIOCRE actress. Perhaps if you could ACT, you wouldn't have to do reality TV.