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  • gramzy1895

    For the 1st time in many years, I am happy about a candidate who is running for President! Donald Trump in 2016!…..YESSSSSSSSSSSS!

  • Bab owpbowp (Babowpbowp)

    Well if he wants to waste his money trying thats fine. Maybe thats what he has been saving all those unpaid tax dollars for was to waste it and taunt the poor people.

  • stripervince1

    The guy would be a fantastic leader. How do you not see that. We need something new not the same old dem-repub candidates crap for the last 250 years. He sides with repubs but so what. He would be different. He would get tough with our enemies. China Iran n korea and russia. And mexico. He would get america working again. Why do you not even wanna give him a chance? We gave obama a shot . He completely sucks. Time for real change now

  • Chris Winfree

    Damn he hit the nail on the head. I will say this about this coming election. I like a lot of the candidates like Trump, Carson, Walker, Kaisch. Trump because of his international business intellect. Carson for demeanor and his absolute brilliance. Walker because he has guts. Kaisch for his political and executive experience. I know we can only vote and nominate one candidate but it's going to take a coalition of very smart, folks with testicular fortitude, patience and endurance to fix the mess we find ourselves in. So I hope whoever wins they don't destroy bridges on their way to the White House. If they try to go alone then we will never get where we need to be.

  • ae9zzz

    It is frightening to see that a self-obsessed man with the vocabulary of a ten-year-old who bases his campaign on prejudice gets people to support him.

  • charley tisdale

    Excellent….Americans fed up. He's right. "it's gotta stop" You do not have to be career politician to make Washington work. I wish him great success to restore our Republic