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  • Carlos García

    once again, the United States making false enemies , pointing fingers and blaming the innocent , the puppets of Bush , Donald and Masons , seeking the business of war .

  • locust7890

    Trump has a chance because his name is well known. A lot of people like him. Can his fans get him to the white house, we'll find out now.

  • Rokkerista

    I'm glad I'm not a US citizen I would feel so stupid living in a country where the racism is the real face of people like this asshole. Do you really think win the president of the US?? Seriously I'm not in the US but I don't have to be there to realize than this man is totally wrong.

    What's your problem against Mexico?? Against the latin people ?? You're racist andthat's the truth and you hate so much the latin people just because they get to your country and some of them LEGALLY get a job and just because a native US citizen doesn't have that job is Mexico's fault??

    Let me tell you something else I'm not in the USA but even like that I'm American because America is a continent not your country and it clearly says "United States OF AMERICA ", and I work in a call center in El Salvador and I receive a lot of calls from US people asking me where I'm located and proudly say "We are in Central America (100% latino)" and they get upset and I just wonder "What are you gonna do? Are you gonna come to my country and take my job and give it to someone else in your country? ?" I'll see you fall

  • acgillespie

    I'm A.G. & I Approve this Message
    Now, Lets see what the american people are all about?
    Are You For America? Or, Are you against America?
    It's Time too get Err Done…

  • crazy slavic hooligan

    This man will be the best President in history, I'm voting for him. I don't know why people don't see it something is wrong, if you don't see that he is the best candidate to run probably in history you have been severely mind fucked and you should be scared because someone/something might be controlling you. The proof is that right away the media wants to attack him in a very aggressive way. This man is not a fool that just wants to say things to maker a livelier debate. Trump 2016 awesome.