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  • Stephanie Struble

    It has been said to be greatful these small volcanoes are going off because they are releasing all of the pressure so Yellowstone don't blow.

  • Coma White

    Oh wow … like what…
    Flagstaff is an old volcano.
    Phoenix is built in the crater of a giant old volcano, why there are the seven mountain ranges around it. Underneath Phoenix is an underground lake which ismassive.
    Years ago they had to literally pour concrete like seemingly endlessly to get to the bedrock to fix the situation with the ASU stadium foundation sinking into the sand. I know this for fact. The water in it is polluted from solvents from the computer wafer industry. If the Hoover Dam ever goes … you do not want to be in or around Phoenix because it will be quite more than justa shake and bake earthquake.
    USA west coast has 27 active and dormant volcanos connected by one massive underground magma chamber. Since most of them are connected one can effect others of them. It runs the whole west coast.
    Seattle … think you're safe there, underneath is totally hollow and going north to Lake Stevens. So why they are not tunneling more there, hmm, maybe.
    San Andreas goes up into WA state and fans out around Tacoma. Big Nisqually earthquake wasn't so bad damage because it was deep. A lot of tiny earthquakes off WA state coast happening all the time. Queen Charolette Island west of B.C., Canada gets 7's and after a bunch of tiny ones circle inside of WA state.
    Yep, California when the mountains crumple up like an accordion or a bunch of it breaks off into the Pacific and the tsumani washes all the people off in less than six minutes like what happened to the island in Indonesia … then they get 'to be the movie' in Hollywood.
    Wow, one can be scared or have faith that we will be wherever Jesus Christ wants us to be whenever whatever happens. Someone I was praying for who has lived in California for years moved just one month before the last big one that hit there. He told me if he had not moved that he would most likely have been on the freeway that crumpled because he used to always take it on his way to and from work. That's how God protects us in ways we may not even know about.

  • Nancy Williams

    God is getting ready for when they divide Jerusalem. You divide my land I will divide yours. Get ready America and pray for mercy. The Administration is evil.

  • Phil Whipple

    Somebody reported a plume of smoke coming from meteor crater near williams az, flagstaff but the national park service said no it didn't happen.

  • Sophiamia

    This is scary, I live at the base or foot of a dormant volcano and was just thinking this VERY MORNING what if it begins to wake up again…

  • Sean Wilcox

    I tried not to look at Yellowstone as a possibility at all because it's the only thing that actually terrifies me. I kept seeing things that reminded me of it but I still wouldn't look. I saw a report of 2 dogs burning to death in a hotspring in that area and the man who tried to save them had 2nd or 3rd degree burns. I also saw the Fox news report where they announced the tsunami and said it happens every 250-300 years. I immediately thought of Yellowstone because it's on a 250,000 to 300,000 year cycle which also explains the global warming issue. I hate myself for even writing this post because now I'm going to ruin the rest of my life trying to figure out how to survive the unsurvivable. FML

  • john sherdahl

    Hah !, those Volcanoes aren't the only-thiNG'S rite-now and in the futURE that feel like ventING'!, I Pray for Control & Patients !!!!,,, lol'!, Hahaha !…

  • Buddy Lobos

    I would also add this. The Pacific Ocean temps are running warm from usual warm areas to up and past Alaska. This forces, heavier, cooler waters down and increases the weight & pressure on the tectonic plates. Where? Right over the Juan de Fuca plate & volcanic area west of Oregon.

  • soupper soulger

    The last earthquake of any significance that happened here in the Vancouver BC – Seattle corridor was the Tacoma quake on Feb.28, 2001. This corridor is the only area on the entire ring of fire which significant populations that has not had a major earthquake in several decades. Yes, we did go through the Mt St Helen's ordeal in May 1980 but we are way over due for the big one. I would expect Mt St Helen's to reactivate soon along with it's nearby sister dormant volcano's Mt Hood, Mt Rainier, Mt. Baker.

  • Sean Wilcox

    If Yellowstone blows we're all dead in the US. it's not going to help to find a Fema camp and we would be in darkness for a long time. Unfortunately I live in Utah where the Calder is actually part of the same fault as Yellowstone and it's far bigger than they initially thought. A professor from BYU discovered how big it really is a few years back. The one in Utah actually covers a large area in Nevada as well. That's an end of man kind event. I'm sure the global elite will be hiding in the underground area of CERN.