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  • Jason Novik

    Ben Carson stands up for his faith no matter what the liberals in these comments say. Props. God's not dead and now that America is letting go of God is a disgrace to even the Puritans that founded this nation. SMH

  • Joyce Bagby

    Dr Carson speaks slowly and clearly so even those a little slow have the opportunity to understand his thoughts. His sensible talk is probably confusing to those who don't make sense.It's difficult to have a conversation with people who spout nonsense, especially if they do not seem to be aware they are spouting nonsense. If one "feels" one is making sense you can just about bet one is not. If Dr Carson is truly hard to understand I suggest one look up "dysfunctional" and "fallacious". That would bea step in the right direction. Right being defined as positive, healthy and correct or proper. What the heck, look up "heathen". The poor behavior shown in name calling and/or making nasty remarks isuncalled for. Unacceptable if you really care about the issues, those types of remarksstop us all from speaking out and being heard in a civilized manner.Even if we disagree with one another we should still respect thebeliefs of others. You can disagree and be respectful. Do a search on Dr Carson and Jesse Jackson and please consider listening to the video. There is also an excellent video of Dr Carson on The View. He just wants to open a dialogue all of us can take part in to makeour country an America where everyone has a chance tohave that dream.

  • FlexALD

    Can anyone tell me why 3 or 4 people can't get married now? If you change the definition of marriage can't you make it into whatever you want?

  • Brad Davis

    Brilliant man. By the way you just watched the next president of this nation. Dont send me your hateful emails. I dont wont to hear it.

  • Fay Ryuujin

    prediction: she's a wanabe martyr who WILL pick the money over religion. She also will be on Fox numerous times.

    If she truly believes in her asshole cause she HAS to quit her job. The ONLY other option is take the money from her job and do her job and will prove that she's a attention whore and hypocrite.

  • Virgil Davis

    Everything is always cast in the light of race. Why can't you actually look at the content of a person's character, and see what they have to say. If they happen to be of one race or another race , so be it….that does not have to be the central issue. Well spoken Dr. Carson.

  • PN Houle

    Carson is basically saying that if Christians can actively prevent gay persons from getting married, that is just them enjoying their Judeo-Christian lifestyles, but if two gay persons are getting married legally, they are thereby imposing their lifestyles on Christians.

  • OasisofSpirit

    Surge in polls Ha Ha more CNN BULLSHIT! A university poll! CNN tries to project this as a national thing. CNN makes more FOOLS out of themselves! Ha Ha Ha! This is outright Hilarious! The CNN COMMIE HOUR! TRUMP IS WAY AHEAD OF CARSON IN ALL NATIONAL POLLS! What, 50 dipshit students polled at Mammoth University ITS HILARIOUS! TRUMP 2016 and the democratic Commie CNN cannot stand TRUMP IS WINNING AND WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!