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  • desean jackson

    Did y'all see what Meek said on Instagram .." On the road cashing out. Ima be in the studio soon …5hr ride to MONTREAL..

  • ChrisThaDon

    LMFAO the fact that this passes as a diss song is sad. Both songs were wack af. Meek shouldnt even drop anything because You Drake dickkriders gonna call it trash no matter what but gas up these above average bars on a good beat, LOL Drake a fraud ass bitch

  • realballer100

    Meek done even if he make a track can't match drake wordplay and I fucks wit both of em. But at the end of the day meek gonna scream like a bitch and drake just gonna kill it being chill.

  • kdubfresh23

    At this point Meek has no choice but to Ether Drake. Drizzy is playing mind games. (Hence the Chess vs Checkers analogy)

    Drake is throwing subliminals at Meek not just in his verses but power moves wise.

    He's already came at him with 2 diss tracks and the 2nd one being called "Back to Back". Now, Drake used the cover art from the '92 & '93 Toronto Blue Jays when they won "Back to Back" World Series. Then you see a player in mid jump: that's Joe Carter. The hero of the 1993 World Series by hitting a walk off home run to beat the **Philadelphia Phillies** for their 2nd consecutive title. Drake is from Toronto while Meek is from Philly.

    Then he mentions throughout the song multiple (obvious shots) at Meek that I won't go into but yea, basically Drake had Meek's career by the throat. Meek shouldn't have started it b/c Drake has MAJOR connects in the industry & can have Meek never heard from again on a mainstream level.

    Meek HAS to respond at this point, no fading off into the dark to be ducked off for a minute.