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  • Ramon GotKix

    You can tell he didnt wana go too hard. Just gave a slight jab and a few body punches to show he can still box a little lol. This track is smooth as hell

  • TStormFly

    The irony in Charged Up is Godly. It's the calmest beat and tone of voice. Yet it's lowkey disrespectful af

  • Craig Henry

    Yeah Drake the younger version of me… except I like my women's ass more manageable. Hippo bottoms just push me outta the bed on one turn in the bed.. truth be told ya'll I can't handle two lumps maybe one. I ain't no porn star only in my dreams without the STD's. Need me a shaply track girl running ass, not a, block the sun, moon and stars ass. These surgeries these low self esteem girls are getting is crazy. Just work out…do tons of squats! Asses exploding, girls can't run if a dog is attacking… pitbull attacking I'm out baby girl …catch up, but she can't her ass too large. :) Mad SUPANOVA

  • nilegreen87

    So the beef started like 2 days ago and drake already has a full song comeback, big ups to my guy drake, and all you ppl saying its not a diss isnt listening, he said a woman never had me starstruck, when meek was underground he said he always wanted Nicki and was surprised the first time he saw her, that boy Drizzy got off 6.