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  • jerel

    The majority of you women (and some men) who pick on The Rock's girlfriend Lauren are jealous because you can't have Dwayne. Don't try to play the the victim and call her a whore when you insecure stuck up bitches cheat on your own husbands or wives because you can't keep your penis or boobies in your clothes.

  • rockafelladw

    I always wondered who the Rock was with. I always hear women say oooh the Rock this, and the Rock that, yet I never seen him with anyone.

  • Jaidyn Jolie

    Ever heard the saying, "The same way you got a man is the same way you'll lose him?" Someone younger and much prettier than her will come along and bust that shit up. He already said that he wasn't getting married again.

  • thedeanfactor

    i agree, but, you never know, maybe it's a publicity stunt, in my opinion, she is not of the rocks caliber of woman, but, we only know what we see, which doesn't tell the whole story, maybe that is what he wanted all along

  • Susan Barta

    Let me say something.I love Dwayne but if you follow him on FB u see he travels all the time and very very busy.If you wanna be his girlfriend you can do two things.Follow him like a puppy and give up your life and carrier.I think smart and professional people could never do that.Or if you do time apart would end the relationship.So I guess for man like him need a woman like those useless "housewives",just like to do shopping and doing nothing.But always there for "service".

  • Rita Smith

    She is from Lynnfield, Massachusetts. She met her boyfriend in Boston at the same time as he was filming Game Plan in 2006; supposedly they started dating in 2007. Rumor say she might have been the reason his wife at that time filed for divorce, some said he purportedly cheated on her with Hashian. During the shooting of the film, Lauren and The Rock were seen having dinner at a restaurant, Davio’s in Boston. They were seen a couple of years ago in Hawaii. He wife give him his child!!!!