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  • TONY T

    lol @nappy and judy…….ok u2 do realise it ain't his choice what women he has 2 act with? it's the movie and the character he plays……ummmmmmmmmm just cos he is black,he should have a darker women to act wif him……….don't get me wrong,i'msamoan, but who ever character they give me,(wich is a job) other character for the woman I wouldn't care lol so u2 shouldn't…… I am sure Dwayne doesn't either lol.and come on ladies…..doesn't matter what women he paired up wif,yr still not going to be satisfied…but wait unless it was u2 lol.carry on moaning den lmao

  • Judy Smith-Randle

    Is the Holly Wood casting community ever going to pair him up with a black woman as the love interest??? I guess not until black people have the power to do the casting….

  • NappyRita

    I wished he liked black women, so sick of him paried up with other races of women all the time, but I guess he likes what he likes.