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  • Truegenius23

    Fact – Dwyane Wade shot a whopping 97 Freethrows in 6 games (More than Michael Jordan, Shaq, or any NBA legend). Fact – Dwyane Wade shot more Freethrows than the ENTIRE Dallas team in Game 5. Fact – Former NBA Referee Tim Donaghy was quoted as saying he knew Dallas "didn't have a chance" in that series. Bill Simmons, a Boston Celtics fan, was quoted as saying "Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat received some Vince McMahon level of assistance" in the 2006 finals. Tracy McGrady, star for the Houston Rockets (One of the Mavs biggest rivals) at the time, expressed that he felt the series was rigged while he watched it. Phil Jackson of the Los Angeles Lakers, also explained that he thought the 2006 finals were rigged and it was the league's way of sticking it to Mark Cuban for his antics throughout the season. The league gave the Miami Heat a championship they had no business winning in 2006. That series will forever be a disgrace to the NBA.

  • NSX

    Look at how everyone praises Flash for his performance in these finals even though he had so many FTA's. Harden gets abused for doing this kind of thing. I'm not saying this isn't a bad performance by Wade, because I agree that what he did this series is out of this world, incredible. But Harden plays a similar way and gets criticised for it.

  • iSuxAtVideoGamez

    This makes SACK v LAL series look clean. So many BS calls in this series, and there would have been no way the heat would've won without them.

  • FridayThe13th1980

    This series was RIGGED like a motherfucker for Miami. Mark Cuban and David Stern couldn't stand one another at the time and Stern basically said in so many words thatthere was no way in hell he was going to hand Cuban that NBA Championship. After he saw the Mavericks led 2-0 and had a 13 point lead in the 4th quarter in game 3,(89-76), he paid off the refs as they took over from there and missed so many calls on Miami and gave Miami, mainly Wade anything he wanted. You couldn't breathe on Wade without a "foul" being called. It was RIDIRKCULOUS! Dallas was ROBBED here in this series. Gladthey got Miami back in 2011, though.

  • lphjustin

    D Wade single-handedly led the Heat from a 2-0 deficit to winning the championship, definitely one of the greatest Finals performances by a player in NBA history

  • Rich Walton

    He missed two FTsat the end of the game that nearly cost them..if he missed all his FTs was it rigged then? you ppl are funny

  • The Doctor

    Everyone saying its rigged but when you have a 6'4 guy attacking rim and Dallas putting multiple bodies on him. He's gonna get fouled. Just simple as that #StayClassy