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  • Philip Mercurio

    I just discovered your videos and I love them!! In my opinion I loved Godzilla 2014, but I like how you defend your opinion to jerks out there who would criticize you. Good job!!

  • ChrisPrime1bot

    Already had this book about half a year or so ago. Pretty nifty, especially at chapter eight with Ultra Seven (to which I have the Ultra Act renewal figure 4 months ago.

  • Rainey J

    I picked this up about a month ago when I was in Sydney. Really glad Icame acrossit as well (though of course it was more expensive in Australia…). The only thing is, I haven't finished it yet because I keep getting interested in the movies listed and trying to find them to watch. :P

  • TheBattra

    Yeah I can agree that it's a great book and that any Toku fan should have a copy of this in their library. I got mine first run back when it was hardcover, i've heard that the newer one has some updated information. I'll have to pick up the newer one and get it signed when I head down to G-fest in a couple of weeks.