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  • 1Amiel1


    Can you get unemployment down 6%?

    Biden: "I don't know how long will it take but we will get it under 6%".

    Current unemployment rate in US: 5.1%

  • adub4ever

    Paul Ryan represents the Country club Republicans. The man wants to balance the budget on the back of working class & poor Americans. Great to see Joe Biden smack him down.

  • It'sSimpleReally

    At 1:05:00 – Biden took this guy to school. American soldiers trained the Afghans to do the job. Ryan had nothing to say. He had no clue..

  • Absent Grey

    So I've watched this debate and obama romney debate recently and on both shows , both the potus and vp claim that the middle class will pay less taxes since we're the catalyst to grow the economy… I'm just curious when these claims are going to be met? My taxes are higher than ever and that has not changed in 7 years… =

  • Teddy Crispin

    Paul Ryan came prepared and did a great job. Both are Catholics. Paul Ryan is very bright, and I like smart people. Paul Ryan deserves a bright future in American Politics. About Benghazi, it is one of the few shortcomings of the Obama administration.

  • Aaron Davis

    If Biden runs with Warren, compared to any other candidates they will easily have the largest reservoir of political capital at the outset among the coalition of interest groups of the Democratic Party and with moderates/independents. From African Americans to Veterans and they also come from non-elite backgrounds something that suggests independence to ordinary Americans.

  • It'sSimpleReally

    – FUN DEBATE MOMENT: "They made the recommendation first."
    At 54:00. Paul Ryan is accusing the President of supporting military cuts without any consideration. Here, the Vice President calls out Ryan of voting for military cuts himself AND – also tells the moderator that any the decisions the President makes have been supported by the military. The moderator is suggesting that he may have been supported by only "some of the military." and that, of course they're going to listen to the President. Biden makes it clear who within the military gives Obama council. It's clear that she and Paul Ryan have run into a corner on this topic.
    FUN FACT: The Joint Chiefs are the uniformed leaders of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the National Guard.