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  • Jonathan Barron

    I will vote for you finish what Obama started and help the soldiers that come back and help the poor get back on their feet The last thing I asked for and ask the people of America to donate money to NASA for A big enough space ship to carry over 10,000 people to Coupler for free because the 10,000 people won't make it there The 10,000 people there on the ship Will need to repopulate themselves as a travel to coupler that is the future of our life we need to travel space and discover another place

  • Jesula Marcellus

    Let say after i view some of the comment I was done listened to the speech I was kind of suprise is because again he did beautifully and he got my my attention right there. Well one think I learn in life what sound good for me might not sound the same to someone else. Thank you for all the feeds-back for all of the other staffs. Thank you.

  • Jesula Marcellus

    I enjoy listen to the speech, the message was well presented to audience, and also i think that the message was interesting. think Mr. Joe Bidden he was cool and he is still. What I meant by that is he was a good speaker, he is a family man, respectful caring, he is very passionate about his career, he get along with the other staffs very well. He doesn't mind performing his dity/duties. Thank you. Add on, he stop and think before he speeks, he have his family support. Thank you, and also have a nice day.

  • Jesse Torres

    Here's a quick Top 5 on why Joe Biden should be the next President (and whether Republican or Democrat you don't have to agree with me since this is all opinion based).
    5. If Biden became the 45th President of the United States, he would be the 15th Vice-President to do so (I just find this amusing).
    4. Biden is a very good international statesman, he has met many world leaders, and has become 1 of the more active Vice-Presidents with foreign affairs, so he could probably have strong ties on the world stage if elected.
    3. I honestly feel that while Hillary is a good and popular politician, I feel that it would be too soon to elect the 1st woman President right after the 1st African American, but if she were to run as Biden' running-mate he would win the election.
    2. While not the smartest politician, Biden is an honest 1, and he is not afraid to speak the truth to the people.
    1. Biden spent 6 terms as a Senator before spending the last 6 Years as Vice-President (for those of you who don't know that's 42 years, and Biden is 72), which means he has spent more than half his life in politics serving his country, and I feel that this upcoming election would be his last 1 to run for, so I feel that out of most politicians whom have ever run for the Presidency, Biden is 1 of the most deserving.
    Oh, and if you are reading this Mr. Vice-President, here's my idea on a campaign slogan:
    Biden for 2016: Why Not?

  • Ryan Studios

    He holds great wit and speaks smoothly with dignity. Joehas done a lot for America and I thank him for that. A true warrior of America.

  • starsbydaylight

    Hollow words, doubletalk, the same smoke screen all other presidents/PMs
    et al blow in the faces of the people living in nation-states that are being destroyed in the name of the elitists' bloody communist world-revolution U.N. Agenda 21.

  • hunterb89

    Not as simple as that, only a few countries in the world have copyright laws. Since Megaupload is owned by a country that does not have these laws… Nothing can be done other then blocking it from US servers, which was done, and the deserved it I might add.

  • aniel sardjoe

    The way how Joe Biden talks about President Barack Obama the more i respect President Barack Obama and it''s really obvious that he is the RIGHT president for usa and much much respect for Joe Biden and Bill Clinton Greets from Holland

  • punishmentya

    Democrat Convention is to all the people especially to the worker middle class of America..
    Republican is only for the hight class white men and their slaves…

  • Joe Smith

    i guess you did not look it up at all then, because it states the media can not be bias, but call me what you want, im anti fucked up leaders i dont hate the constitution, obama kills children with drone strikes and makes wall street and his friends rich at our expense, bush killed 600,000 iraqi's for oil, but you say there is nothing wrong with these people heres some more wisdom for you look up Plato's Allegory of the Cave and Aristotle's Nobel lie, but let me guess they are jackass too…