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  • MrJeckel

    Cam needs to stop turning the ball over. However, at the same time, some of those ricochet int's are just… man… the panthers really need to draft some targets for cam next season.

    I'm not trying to make an excuse for cam because he throws some errant passes as well. However, he has no receivers. His best outside receiver is tedd ginn jr. He's a return man that happens to catch passes (think of jacoby jones). Olsen's pro-bowl caliber but those other guys are bench caliber if not p-squad. I'm just being honest. They miss kelvin immensely. Imagine if cam had kelvin and steve smith right now…

    The reason why the panthers are able to win is their defense PLUS the zone read option. They hit hard on D, get off the field on 3rd down and control the clock w/ the zone read on offense. I believe the panthers' offense has a 64% conversion rate on 3rd down which is pretty impressive.

    They could be a superbowl team. However, to be that, cam & that offense will have to find a way to throw effectively w/o turning the ball over. That's going to be tough considering his flaws & his lack of receiving targets. We'll see what happens going forward. I just think cam needs to start playing mistake-free football.

  • Peter Parker

    No credit to Ron Rivera? Nobody ever talks about him, I give him a lot of credit, he has his team playing some good football

  • Jack J

    Stephen a taking a shot at the eagles lol. He dying to say 'if they had more black players and a black head coach they'd be better'

  • Taylor Brown

    "In the end, its about Philadelphia…" WHAT?! Who won again? Who's 6-0 again? What is it going to take for the Panthers to get some respect?

  • spinnernet1

    No offense to Stephen A., but with only a 9 to 7 touchdown to interception ratio, Cam is nowhere close to winning the MVP. No quarterback has ever won the MVP with what he's on pace for.

  • OldSchoolLimp

    Cam should win MVP. Brady is performing phenomenally, but that is not everything for MVP. Cam is more valuable to his team than Brady is to his. Cam is doing everything himself with no one to throw it to besides Olsen. Brady has an awesome team around him like always. I like Brady, but Cam should be the front runner.

  • Mikey Johnson

    If Cam's WR's would stop fucking tipping balls up, half of those int's would be cut in half. Just yesterday, Cam hits Ginn in stride and gets ripped (I thought it was a catch) and it counts as an int against Cam. Later on, Funchess pops the damn ball up YET AGAIN and it counts against Cam. Against Houston, Norwood drops the ball and it falls into the hands of a Houston defender. My point, Cam's stats aren't pretty, but they would be a whole lot better if WR's would just catch the damn ball. Nonetheless, Cam is doing more with less.

  • tommy41995

    Sas is a fucking moron. Charles johnson? what is he getting at qb from IR designated to return list? This clown obviously doesn't follow or even watch panthers.

  • Lieutenant Gothmog

    The Panther/Cam Newton hate is unreal. First of all, how is a game winning drive pulling it out of your ass for Carolina against Seattle Skip? Secondly, If Brady led his squad on four 80 yd TD drives, Skip would call him heroic on how he does it with no weapons. If Brady has no weapons, Cam Newton has negative weapons and he still did it. I just don't understand. Herman Edwards, the mediocre coach he was, and Stephen A sat there and PICKED the Eagles because of their offense and then when they lose, oh it's the offenses fault, nothing impressive about Carolina. Get real.

  • LJmvp

    panther dont get me wrong ur team is a good but not great. if u guys beat the packers then ill put u guys as a first tier team. ur defense is very good

  • Michael Ricks

    I'm sooooooo happy that my Panthers aren't getting the respect.It's always about the NFC Least and the AFC East because of the markets. We get it….it's about money so keep on disrespecting us.We'll take the hate and use it as fuel to#keeppounding. Now on the the Colts. Let's make it 7-0.