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  • Spencer Hill

    As a Panthers fan I can say I was slightly disappointed initially that we let Greg Hardy go. We struggled for a good 8 games without him last year and he was a centerpiece, along with Kuechly and Davis, to the 2nd ranked defense we had in 2013. I wanted to keep him but I knew Jerry Richardson wasn't going to keep a convicted felon around. Now my stance has completely reversed. Hardy is human garbage. I knew deep down he was a little off during his time in Carolina but now we're seeing the full extent of it. First he makes the disrespectful 'guns ablazin' comments about Tom Brady's wife, and believe me I'm no Tom Brady fan, but that was completely uncalled for, showing no remorse for what he had done the previous summer. Then he pulls this bullshit, throwing a tantrum like a 3 year old child, slapping a clipboard out of a coach's hand and yelling and shoving people on the sideline. Jerry Jones, I pray for your soul in dealing with this cartoon character. At least Bugs Bunny didn't throw anyone into a pile of guns. Also goes to show how much of a dirtbag Jerry Jones is, he would sell his soul 10 times over to the Devil to win another Super Bowl.

  • Don Gato

    Greg Hardy needs professional help, he's a ticking time bomb, and Jerrah just puts his head in the sand desperate for wins. Cowgirls implosion coming soon. Once they lost Romo the season was a loss.

  • Ray Petree

    Stephen A is an idiot. The Cowboys are injured. Healthy they are undoubtedly a championship contender, comparable to the likes of the Packers, Cardinals, or the Panthers in the NFC.

  • Jack J

    Stephen a smith always goes overboard and speaks loud etc when he has no knowledge of the topic, quite amusing. damn molly is looking fine