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  • Spanky James

    Sorry Stephen A. but Harden actually did play the most minutes last season. Jimmy Butler lead the league in Minutes Per Game not minutes played. Harden played 81 games. Butler played 65.

  • Brando Williams

    Cavs fan here. Curry is a better player than Harden and it all comes down to consistency and playing when the pressure is on. Curry stepped into Lebron's space for the first time and he seemed off and kind of scared but then he became a man and did what came naturally by making 3's and helping get past an injured CAVS team. Obviously Harden is more gifted but at the same time Curry is too and can crush you just as hard using different tools. Had Curry not made it to the finals I would agree maybe Harden should have got just maybe.

  • Phillip Blake

    Agree with harden, steph only won because of the hype around the warriors. Steph was good, but the warriors could still win without him. I doubt he could carry a team like harden

  • Jessica Sims

    It was a lopsided voting cause the media fell in love with Curry. that was the issue harden had. It should have been co mvp's neither guy outshined the other to extent the voting showed. Which clearly showed bias. I think it should be a players vote cause the media made a joke of last years voting with how bias they can be.

  • Jesus Christo

    Maybe he did deserve MVP, but this kind of attitude is what is so cancerous in the NBA. It's all me, me, me. No one cares about winning anymore. He should be pissed off and annoyed he and his team didn't win the NBA Championship, not worry about some popularity contest award.

  • itamar avidan

    the difference between the two is that harden is a superstar player, and curry is a superstar PG. the big difference is that a superstar PG needs a certain situation to show his skills and to hide the weakness of his game. GS is the perfect team for steph, but put him replace him with a superstar on other teams, not the same thing. rockets is one of those teams

  • Josh Warren

    but i am sorry Harden is NOT the leagues best player. just too much talent right now. KD, Westbrook, LeBron, Davis, if Kobe can average 30 5 5 in his final season that IMO makes his better than Harden … D.Rose if 100% healthy is better some would argue a completely healthy Wade is still a top 3 to 5 level player. my point is just too much talent in the league at the moment to argue Harden is its best player.

  • Yogen Grg

    Right now he is best SG but not MVP imo. Stats proved that Stephen was the MVP but it also proofs that Lebron is still the highest overall rating individual. Harden was voted as the MVP by NBA players, that's them. But the real voting based on real performance stats are done by NBA officials which on one should deny.

  • Michael Smith Jr.

    damn, The awarding of the MVP has been so damn inconsistent. Imo it's a matter of the individual rather than the team since it's about the player. With that being said James Harden definitely should've won. I mean his peers agree as well
    EDIT: I also believe team success should be secondary to the individuals performance. Not the other way Lol

  • J. Jermane

    Curry was the MVP hands down. Harden, although very talented, is nothing but gun who had the green light every night a la another AUU one-on-one baller. Curry is more of a dynamic shooter (the best there is), had more breath-taking highlights of breaking peoples ankles, and the shots he was bustin' from THIRTY!