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  • littelG333

    this should be a good game, Jets defense is definitely solid, and the Jets always play us close. So I say it will be a close game. Along the lines of 27-21. I say Patriots win, just cause it's in Foxborough, but I never underestimate the Jet, they definitely got talent, and it seems like they finally found a coach to put that talent to good use.

  • Billy Bob

    Revis is a dirty traitor and a disgrace to the patriots all Revis cares about is his money he's no team player and no leader, he's just a greedy bastard and a sellout and I hope he tears his acl fuck that 2 face bitch running his mouth about the pats.

  • subjidealist

    It's not just Tom Brady smith,,, It's Tom Brady, Gronk, Edelman, Blount, Lewis, Amendola, and lets not forget about the puppet master,,, Belichick.

  • Andrew Vernon

    I think it will come down to Chris Ivory. I'm nervous as a Pats fan. Ivory has been having a great year and New England has always struggled to stop him. In the last few years, we have always played the Jets very closely. In those years, the Jets didn't have theoffensive team that they have now. We need to finda way to shut down Ivory so that we can keep Tom Brady on the field. I don't think that Revis is that big of a factor (maybe I'll be wrong). But New England has so many receiving options I don't feel that he will be as effective as he is against teams that only have two or three targets. I also think that the New England defense might come up big because I think they will be eager to prove that losing Revis hasn't affected them. Still, I anticipate a very close game. Possibly, Dion Lewis might see a great game comingout of the back field.

  • FridayThe13th1980

    I hope to god the CHEATER Patriots are undefeated going into the week 10 against the New York GIANTS because we already know thats an automatic lose for the CHEATER Patriots….