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  • Rio Rogers

    looks better than molly to me…i mean she's pretty much dressed the same and hair done up exactly as molly's but….she's cuter.

  • sanjuanpapi

    How is it blasphemy sas? Tom brady dominates the nfl like mj, only thing is, mj never had one Game playoffs to deal with, which is why i agree tom brady is in that category easily by now

  • The King

    Could see the Jets winning this easily but at the end of the day you got to beat the man to be the man. Patriots 27- Jets 23

  • Carter bateman

    Everyone says jets gonna beat the patriots but once the patriots beat them and us pats fans are gonna be happy about being undefeated, all the haters are gonna say that we haven't played anyone good and they'll all start saying the jets suck again. Exactly what happened with the bills

  • Dee Sa

    Hold up people. The Jets played the Browns, Colts, Dolphins, Redskins, and lost the the Eagles. They haven't faced a good team yet. No wonder why they are the best defense look at the offenses they played. People saying that the Patriots are going to get exposed but I see it the other way around.

  • Dabket3araB

    Dumbest thing to compare Brady to Jordan. Football to Basketball I mean seriously?! In basketball the player has a defensive role and an offensive role. In Football, you're either on an offensive team, special team or defensive team. I don't fucking get it how people compare players from different sports.

  • MarcoGeeWS

    What damn difference does it make? The fact Tom Brady has lost 2 Super Bowls only means that Joe Montana lost in games before Tom Brady twice. Such a dumb argument the whole "undefeated in Super Bowls mean he is better" crap.

  • Evander Smart

    Jets can win this gave IF the run the rock, and I mean run it so they control 35-40 minutes TOP. The very best way to beat Tom Brady is keep him off the field. The Patriots can't stop the run and Chris Ivory can't stop running! If the Jets put together 7-8 minute drives and don't turn the ball over, they'll win this game