ESPN First Take – Redskins’ RG3 Robert Griffin III ‘Fine’ after Concussion

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  • porter limon

    fuck The Redskins coach staff and mother fucking crew and if you wanna be down with this coward ass coach then fuck u too Jay Gruden, fuck u too, redskin O Line, fuck u too, all u niggaz fuck u too….

  • Maurice Wilson

    As a Lions fan who enjoyed watching how our DL has been progressing without Suh these last game I've been impressed with the second team, I think that the RG3 experiment is over in DC, he needs a fresh start. His Coaching Staff doesn't fully believe in him & he doesn't have the entire locker room's attention from a leadership perspective, it's been 3 years and I think he's need to be traded somewhere else for both the sake of the Redskins franchise & Himself.

  • youngblood23rb

    Vick said it best, everytime I throw the ball I'm on the ground! haha This dude better act hurt and get the hell out of Washington, they are intentionally ruining his career, no doubt about it.

  • aykcroid

    RG3 is proving every week that his body has healed. Everyday he takes on the media for his team mates, concentrating all the attention on himself, so that no one bothers his under-achieving team mates. I don't know a QB /leader who's doing more than this guy.

  • Charles S

    Yeah I really didn't understand wth Washington was thinking. First let me start off by saying that I'm not too impressed by a lot of the swing/back up tackles in the league. The Cowboys have an amazing O-Line, one of the best in football. Aside from Collins all of their back ups aren't really all that good and their back ups at tackle are complete garbage. There is a reason Romo went out and threw 1 pass against the 49ers. It was because a few of their starting O-Linemen were a little banged up and they didn't want to risk them making their tiny, minor injuries and turning them into something more serious and because of that Romo's not going to go play behind a garbage backup left tackle and left guard. Hell, I remember reading something after the game where Romo was talking about how he threw 1 more pass than they planned for…..well he threw the ball 1 time. Anyway you can't let the guy that's suppose to lead your team in the regular season go out there and play behind that crap o-line in a meaningless game.

  • Lymuel Ivester Jr.

    RG got the Willie Beaman treatment from "Any giving Sunday" form his O-line for running off at the mouth. RG is gonna have to take it to earn his respect.

  • CanvassBlack

    The female host is worthless. At 9:58 she's so restless from not saying anything she almost nods off. lol. and I thought Cari Champion was useless.

  • colorado mile high prepper

    look at the oline when kirk or colt is in there and its a bunch of guys that protect them but when robert is in there they let his ass get hit and hit if i was robert id be telling these guys straighten up..they dont protect him jon doesnt want him so now its time for the oline to stop looking like a bunch of chumps and protect their qb thats the game and if you dont your fined…jon gruden doesnt want robert and he is calling some bum ass plays knowing that the d line has the advantage so it will let robert get hit..if i was robert i would start looking at that and start calling audibles from the line fuck that coach if he is doing that or maybe thats what he is trying to get robert to do tough love sometimes…

  • Willy Prince

    one more thing if Jay Gruden has no concern about the players he has on the field, then to me it means he doesn't care about the team, this team is a family, stop the distortion, football is a together thing there no Kobe Bryant, protect the man who is suppose to throw to ball, if we going to throw the ball, then we do it right. This guy is taking more hits than his rookie season.WTF