ESPN First Take – Robert Griffin III : ‘Unfortunate RG3 is Used for Headlines, Clicks’

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  • Zach Eisenhour

    Stephen A. Smith said it best. Yeah he's playing like garbage, but he doesn't have a garbage character. Stop nitpicking over silly little comments when there are NFL players out here punching women and driving drunk…

  • damian taminua

    since when are ryan clark and stephen a bros? the used to have a beef where steven a said if ryan clatk was looking for him and he is not difficult to find.

  • Julie Crenshaw

    Stephen A Smith is wrong..,a person doesn't have to commit crimes to have bad character…. RG3 is an arrogant douche bag that loves the lime light and his brand….a leader of men that is not a leader of men to say the things he said when he does nothing….. he's selfish and only thinks about himself

  • Mike Major

    I think it is all how you see it. I have no problem with you saying you are best and also acknowledging that he has work to do. He has maintained that this whole offseason. SAS and Ryan are completely correct. You would think this dude is the worst person ever the way he's depicted in the media. At the end of the day, he's not playing well. That is not a suprise. He has admitted that more than once, but in order to get over that hump..he's gotta believe his best days are ahead. What kind of athlete says.."i guess i'll be successful.."..that's just moronic. I don't even do that at my job. I believe I am great at what I do, but understand I can always improve. People are just reaching at clickbait and using this as a way of attacking him. I wouldn't have apologized and I would say it over and over. Heck, I'd put it on my locker. If that is what it takes for him to focus and work hard to improve. That is fine. As long as he delivers on it and shows improvement.

    People yelling he should shut up and just play need to see Marshawn Lynch's treatment by the media and fans when he just "shut up and played" he got tore apart for being defiant. There's no win. Especially, when you are playing poorly. At the end of the yourself. Too many people are trying to tell this dude who he should be…how about you get to the professional level and play the game however you want.

    I personally and as a fan of the team hope he is successful. When the team was doing well in was the most excitement this fan base has had in a long time. He's fun to watch. Period. So, let's just see how he does and real games. If he stinks it up, then I'm sure Coach Gruden will handle it and do what he has to do. However, I'm not sold on Cousins or McCoy either. So it'll be interesting to watch this playout.

  • Monee Boiii

    my issue wth rg3 is that right now hes like the guy thats still jokin around or trash talking while your losing a game.. thats great u think your the best thats great that you have a personality n all that shit ryan clark said but when your losing a game unless your somebody like jordan or reggie miller that can talk and play there way back to the talk your suppose to stfu and work. period. right now hes losing careerwise he is one season(this season) away from becomin a backup or gone. now is not the time to be sayin to much of shit he should b marshawn lynchin it right now.. it might b ok if thia wasnt the 12th time hes been in the news for what he said.

  • Jay R

    "Stephen Smith" is so tired and predictable, he is insinuating that the media is hard on RG3 bc he's of African-American descent. Wrong. It's bc RG3 is and has always been an arrogant self absorbed man more concerned with being a "super-star" than being the Captain of the Redskins.

    This isn't new, he isn't a "bad" person, he's just an irritatingly cocky person. He wasn't a humble Heisman winner, his Superman socks nonsense is ridiculous, he claimed to be better than Luck, and now this.

    Wins some playoff games, a Superbowl MVP, or at least be consistent…then talk.

  • Jay R

    Robert Griffin hasn't been the same player since he hurt his knee. He isn't a pure pocket passer and without his 4.42 speed and confidence to plant and cut on a dime he is a different player.