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  • TheYungSesShow

    seriously, how can u demand more targets when u can't even stay healthy. u expect the QB to throw the ball to u on the bench? lol

  • Razor Smith

    I can't blame Sammy playing under Rex's offense is like trying to put a Pee Wee offense on the field. Once Tyron goes down the Bills season is over

  • Gearmaster2250

    He's right but he's going about this the wrong way. You do not want to use the media to get what you want. Teams these days don't give a shit who you are and they will trade or release your ass. They may even come up with some bullshit about you being gang affiliated or some shit to justify the trade or release. #DontMessUpYourMoney

  • Damon Brown (#BillsMafia)

    Sammy got to chill with that nonsense. We have a ton of talent at the WR position so it's kind of had to just focus on one WR. Percy Harvin and Charles Clay more established and proven WR threats than Watkins is at the moment. He is also in a run heavy team. Watkins will become a Star WR when we have this QB situation under control (hopefully with Tyrod Taylor).

  • Khaled Azimi

    Thank god they didn't take Mack which who I thought they were taking (buffalo connection). Happy we have Cooper whose the complete opposite of a diva as well.

  • Gregory Castillo

    He is right but his qb wont be able to get it to him. Rex ryan isn't creative on offense so its better if they part ways.