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  • Robbie Sarkioglu

    Cowboys still got this first off we have two Wins in this division and secondly where gonna plant ass's with hardy so regardless where winning 2 of our games before Romo is Back regardless Eagles did what I wanted them to do good win Eagles but Prepare your Qb to taste dirt for hurting Romo

  • Brando Williams

    Eli is a great QB that gave up once he tasted championship glory. People told me I was crazy years ago because I called his bluff after his last title. Dude gave up plain and simple. He was young got too much money and too many accomplishments at once. Most QB's don't last let alone win a title. that fast.

  • Josh Schmidt

    is ryan retarded? they are the most complete team in the division, but didn't they just get raped by a division team?

  • Stephen B. Smith

    We gotta get rid of Bradford. He's killing us. We're lucky we're 3-3 and not 1-5. Bradford so trash man. Sanchez can run this offense way better than Bradford.

  • Chris Cole

    As an Eagles fan, I wouldn't mind seeing Mark Sanchez start. …especially if Bradford doesn't improve. Maxwell needs to step it up though.

  • Bashir Shirk

    I hope Ryan Clark wiped his face back stage after this show because he was sucking Eli's dick pretty hard up there today. -_-

  • Joel Lopez

    As bad as the teams in this division may be playing, you have to admit it is pretty interesting to watch these teams (other than the Redskins) clash.

  • The Procrastinator watts

    omggg these fucking stupid critics think piece of shit eli manning can still win this shit hahaha we raped these pussy giants in primetime and got our running game going on a supposed good d line ! I wouldnt be surprised if the giants lose 10 games because they suck.