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  • TheDreday410

    Skip CLEARLY does not listen and just speak without knowing anything

    The ARTICLE SAID IF – those 4 things where to apply the Eagles WOULD WIN….
    The article is saying with a HEALTHLY Sam Bradford the Eagles are a lot better

    BUT SKIP just goes in on the health of Bradford and NEVER address the article at all AND speaking of health….WHAT about TONY ROMO…who has missed games in the last 3 season…SO if you take away TONY ROMO and NO DeMarco MURRAY…They would be in a lot more trouble then the Eagles

  • Gabriel Medina

    Everyone assumes because no one will know who all will stay healthy or get injured. Pointless to talk about when season hasn't started.

  • nick “806nick” argullin

    No way the Eagles will win the NFC east this year. The cowboys have gotten better on the defective side of the line. and the o-line got better it that even possible to say. we remain a little weak in the running game sure. but thats why we have a team of rushers to make up for the loss of 29. But it all the other weapons the boys have i don't see why the boys won't be going far in the playoffs, maybe even the Super Bowl. they were under estimated last year and underestimated this year again, thats fine with me underestimate us well show you what this team can do.