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  • kankasin

    Same Stephen A. praises Rodgers vs SanFransico last week, which is worst Pass DEF on road. But when it comes to Brady he find excuses. Rodgers threw 2 int this week, i want to see his excuses. Rodgers is elite qb but he cant perform consistently super high, Brady always gave you a 8 out 10 play. Where Rodgers goes up to 10 but can be low as 5 at post season. Thats why Peyton, Rodgers etc can have MVPs but Brady will have rings.
    I will have Brady over anyother QB as i want my team to have Superbowls instead of individual QB records.

  • Lenny Jones

    Tom Brady has inspired more jealousy than any athlete in recent sport's history. He's the most successful NFL player ever, the best QB ever, has the super model wife, the perfect life and the looks to go with it. No matter what you throw at him whether on or off of the field, he always comes out victorious. So many other players and fans of other teams simply can't stand it. His success has caused so much butt hurt that I'm going to invest in preparation H.

  • Jesus Christo

    Hey maybe Stephen A Smith will give Tom Brady some props. LOL Just kidding the man is an idiot. Always finding reasons to discredit Brady's performances. Yet when Aaron Rodgers throws 2 yard pass TDs against the shitty Chiefs, he'll claim Rodg is the greatest to ever live. Lol okay.

  • Forrest Towns

    Anyone dumb enough to say Brady is not tough has never seen this guy play. He is amazing to watch and is my favorite QB in the league.

  • marquese hall

    skip retarded the defense was gassed they were on the field the first whole game because their offense look terrible

  • Josh rose

    Brady is probably the best in the league, But if romo and Dez would have played , thatgame would have had a different outcome.

  • satish kumar

    He is so overusing the dead clock refrence

    i dont see him using that when A Rodgers is in conversation, he literally salivates over Aaron Rodgers, nothing wrong there but its funny though
    Lets see GB making it to January and then see if 6-5 becomes 6-6 or something else

  • DopeAsCopeBrother

    I start to hate Stephen A. Smith a bit more each week and like skip a bit more. When it's always been people hating skip and liking stephen but personally i think its starting to shift