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  • Evil Andrew Luck

    But how come when Luck throws a pick that hits a receivers hands a bounces off Skip is quick to say it's Andrew's fault? Take Brady's dick out your mouth.

  • David Yancey

    Anyone else think Aaron Rodgers is wildly overrated? I can't think of a game where he just tore someone up. He's been playing average at best versus bad teams.

  • Mark Surette

    Of course Stephen A. (as in asshole) disagrees ,anything good about Tom Brady has to be shot down by just so he can try to prove that he knows something (what a bag of shit).And oh-ya what about them seahawks of yours you dirt bag. ha! ha! ha! ,looser!!!

  • Vicki Fish

    Luck came into the game at about 80%, even the announcers talked about Luck's footballs not having the same zip. Luck was perfect in the first half, but as the game wore on, the arm was going. He hadn't passed in 3 weeks, and it showed. Also, Belichick and his halftime magic, took away the short throws for Luck and he had to throw long which he hasn't been doing much in practice and it showed. The high throws, the inaccurate throws that's not Luck. Oh against the Pats last year yeah in playoffs, AFC Championship game, but not in a regular season game and especially not this Pats secondary which is so so. They could have intercepted Luck about 3 times and didn't. Skip why not give Luck so love. He had a better QB rating than Brady in this game. No INT's. 3 TDs and everyone but everyone laughed and said this was going to be a blowout. Well, the Colts finally got it together. But I agree with Skip on one thing. The Pats didn't beat the Colts, the Colts beat the Colts with that idiotic play when the Colts were only down 6 pts. Sighhh..

  • John Barney

    How does Stephen ASSHOLE Smith, still have a job? He's got to be the most awful, unfactual, insinuating, JACKASS on that network.

  • James Sharp

    Stephen A is so full of it. So when you're great you don't need someone bloviating about how great you are? Huh…he sure seems to forget that notion when talking about THE BADDDDD MANNNNNN that he is, Aaron Rodgers. Foh Hypocrite

  • Dave Sirikientong

    Someone should give these two commentators a pair of boxing gloves each so they can go at each other…can never agree on anything haha

  • Jt Greis

    skip knows nothing about football all he does is ride Tom Bradys D and bash luck. hey skip u wanna be on qbr luck had a 98.7 and u said he is overrated lol colts lost because of that stupid play and missed onside kick call the game came down to a few plays and they favored new england as usual