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  • trublu97

    Interesting. The NFL is now accusing Brady of not cooperating in their investigation of footballs that they claimed were deflated, but now it looks like they were not deflated. A charge they never originally made. Even though they have all the text messages to the equipment handlers.
    The NFL leaked false claims.
    The NFL didn't make their lawyer available.
    The NFL didn't use an independent investigation.
    The NFL would not let an independent review of the charges.

    Tom Brady is not cooperating. Lol

  • reeseseater12

    I love the potential disaster Stephen A. pointed out, oh no, the NFL will actually have to conduct proper investigations and provide evidence of wrong doing rather than ignore real evidence and make shit up to reach the conclusion they want. This whole thing has been more about Goddell, notice how no one outside of NE is talking about his incompetence anymore? Everyone forgot the terrible season he had last year. The public ate it up, Goddell played to the people's jealousy and hatred towards the Patriots and won favor from the public. People now have forgotten what an awful commissioner he is.

  • joneslt

    Stephen A doesn't understand that the CBA agreement does not give Goodell the power to disregard contract stipulations. His knowledge of law is zero. Judge Berman sees right through the NFLs smear tactic.

  • Jason Fleshman

    lol smith try so hard to make it sound like he's right. nfl can't just take personal stuff why players can't say no and tell him to fuck off? and he got suspended for deflated football. why is he getting suspended for saying no and tell him to fuck off lol I will never give anyone my phone. if they try to take it I will lie like nfl and they try to kill me so I can kill them and lie like nfl. haha jk but man this issue is so dumb nfl owners should get taxed for 90 % of what they make they make wayyyyy too much money.

  • Bradley Taft

    Boston the best sports city in the world A hell of a lot better then Los Angeles No wonder ESPN hates the patriots and Boston They can't stand the city's greatness

  • Nor Cal Theologians

    lets end this and put Brady, McNally and Jastremski on the stand and let them tell their obvious lies under oath with the threat of perjury in federal court at stake. Lets hear it. I would like to hear McNally say that "deflator" means he was losing weight. I would like to hear Brady say that his phone calls and private meeting with Jastremski was mostly about Super Bowl football prep. uh huh. I would like to hear Brady say that his destruction of his cell phone just before wells investigation is just a coincidence. I would like to hear Jastremski and McNally say that when they were texting about McNally getting the balls done and that Brady brought McNally up that this was about someone besides Brady. and the countless other obvious lies those three have told.
    Lets see Wells and other NFL lawyers grill those three lying cheats under oath in federal court.


    This is what happens when you mess with the greatest QB of all time to ever play the game. Haters will always hate, but winners will always win. The NFL really screwed up this time.

  • Jason White

    ESPN said today that they falsified information about "spygate"! When will they own up to the fact that they falsified information about "deflategate"?! 10-12 years…after they tarnish Brady's name?!

  • mrlee2708ify

    so if courts cant over turn goodells punishment, how did a judge over turn goodells decision on ray rice indefinite suspension?

  • lue630

    I like Skip Bayless but sometimes he does not know what the fuck he is talking about. I do not understand why people are defending a cheater.