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  • Chad B

    Muslim(Islamic) Privilege..I'm so tired of these fucking intolerant assholes..They deny the Holocaust, hang gays from Genie Booms, women treated like shit, they hate your dog (considered dirty), hate, hate, hate..That's all they live for..Why do we give tolerance to the most intolerable…Oh, let's bully Russia because they're White and Christian(easy target).. Or Portugal on Gay rights..Go, have a Gay Rights parade in Iran, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia.. See, what happens?.

  • Isaac Newton

    Lol fuck the niqab, I hate when muslims come to the west and try to make it like the shitty country they escaped from. The reason they come here is to get away from that sharia law garbage, such backwards people, it's ridiculous.

  • Mr. Right

    Westerners need to stop referring to them as niqabs, but start to call them terrorist uniforms or suicide-bomber dress.

  • ZooSolo MoHambone

    Canadians are insane : Canada is tantamount to Britain's / France's western hemisphere version of self destruction.

  • silver2zilver

    My sister wears a Hijab and I was raised Muslim but FOR FUCK SAKE It's just so silly. Take off the fucking piece of clothing than conceals your identity, the very thing that makes you you. It's supposed to be between you and your god anyways, not some other human beings who have been tasked with the safety of other human beings.

  • Marvin Flugelmeister

    I'm wondering where the conservative outrage has been for the past several decades over mail in ballots? "WHAT? You can mail in your vote WITHOUT having to show your face? THAT"S OUTRAGEOUS"

    This is suck a BS issue designed to bring out the conservative morons and bigots to vote. It will probably work judging from the idiotic comments so far.

  • Garikk Garikk

    Don't let ppl like that into the country. They don't assimilate and won't change ever. They bring their medieval values and will be pushing them into society until they rebuild their own world here. Why didn't they stayed in they own world in the first place and came to free country?

  • Max Diesel

    All those people that allowed menzy to vote without confirming himself as the person he claimed to be should be fired. A prime example of possible voter fraud, ridiculous