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  • HabsFanMTL88

    Concussions are no joke. By age 18, I had 3(that I know of) and there are long term effects. While my vision hasn't been affected(at least as far as reading charts for eye tests), my eyes are extremely sensitive to brightness. When I go bowling, I can't read the score screen unless I go to the bottom because of the bright lights inside. My short term memory is terrible and I have a hard time remembering names(faces I can remember no problem).

    Bottom line…if your kid suffers even the slightest blow to the head, get him/her to the doctor. You don't have to black out to have a concussion and you may not even show any of the symptoms associated with a concussion.

  • Patrick White

    Is it possible and/or likely to sustain a concussion from bumping into a solid object (e.g. wall, low hanging doorway) at walking speed? My adult son did so a while ago and has been extremely worried about having a concussion ever since. He was re-assured by a GP and neurologist that he did not exhibit the symptoms of a concussion and that the mechanism of the injury wasn't sufficient to cause a concussion but he can't stop worrying.

  • Bovo Law, LLC

    Extremely Insightful points on how an auto injury can cause a concussion with "violent moving back and forth of the brain within the skull"; you don't even have to hit the wheel or column

  • PaddyMacNasty

    No screen time? I've been resting up after getting out of hospital with a concussion this morning. Probably spent the last 10 hours on my laptop. Oops. Goodnight!

  • ilovepielee

    I had a concussion when I was about 9 I have 50/30 vision(the last time I checked) hearing lose and I'm very very sensitive to light and loud noises and I have memory lose is all this caused by my concussion I had years ago? Please answer and could this happen from just one concussion?

  • Lily Grace

    What about kids who were abused and sustained multiple concussions? I think someone needs to look at that. It happened to me and the outcome isn't good.

  • Daniel sportings

    theres non profit organization thats Advancing the study, treatment, & prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes & kids should follow them and support them on twitter their in Canada and the united states @sportslegacyCAN and @sportslegacy.

  • Joseph Gittens Jr., LPN

    I am a big football and boxing fan but I realize these sports may be very bad on the human brain. I played football in school and I referee school sports. One must be aware of head trauma. If I have a son, I may want him to play baseball or another sport. (Even soccer has negatives attached to it). The best we could do is be aware of the risks involved and try to take the proper precautions. Thank you for the video, Dr. Gupta.