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  • Byran Mcelddery

    I know you talked about it in another video but we also got Mother which was a huge one.. and we still have the Nintendo announcements in the morning so god only knows what we are gunna get.. Punch Out.. Balloon Fight.. Star Fox.. Hogans Alley.. ahhh i just dont even know anymore they could drop anything on us

  • Neoand12

    First they announced Final Fantasy VII Remake…It nearly killed me.
    Then they announced Shenmue 3 (Kickstarter)…They sent me to my grave.

    What is this life now???

  • Omar and Wasif

    I ACTUALLY COUDLNT FREAKING BELIEVE IT! seriously i was doubting what was gonna be announced at sony's conference. you should check our reaction too to see two fanboys completely flip!!

  • 0_o Xearrik Gaming Channel

    <– This was my reaction to the FF7 remake! I also cried a little. I have a cool FF7 story. I'll make a video about it after work. This is an amazing birthday gift!

    I love having my birthday on June 16th! It's like I was born under a video gaming star!

  • HPRshredder

    "No gamer can complain!" We'll see. Bold statement with that Zelda board game in the background. If a Zelda trailer is here then you're right. Honestly though it's been a fucking amazing E3.

  • Lifespiller79

    I been wanting to play the game for years. The ps1 title was too expensive. Definitely getting in on the remake.

  • unforgiven

    So does this mean FF7 Remake is coming to the XBOX One as well?
    If that's the case, I don't get the "Sony wins because of FF7". It's not their doing.
    An exclusive FF7 Remake for PS4 would be a cash cow for Sony.

  • 1300l

    Good news but it also bring a sad feeling for me.
    I always felt that they would make a remake of this game when they run out of ideas/hope for anything else.

  • Matthew J. Boone

    This has been the best E3 in many, many years. With this, The Last Guardian and Shenmue III announced, I feel like it's back in 1997-1999 with great, amazing games coming out.