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  • courtsNsession

    Hi Jesse, I always feel smarter after watching your videos. So whats it take to get the Earths magnetic poles back to where there supposed?? to be?

  • Paa Hawkins

    You're exaggerating the amount of shifting. I did notice that there is a slight shift of a few arc minutes though. Last winter Orion was further to the south of a tree near our yard. This winter, Betelgeuse is a bit North of the tree. It is a clear distinguished movement for any astute Amateur Astronomer. I noticed it immediately. But a full 90 degrees is exaggerating it a bit.

  • Cg23sailor

    Please stop pretending like you have any clue what you're talking about.

    You're just taking disparate and totally unrelated information and imagining connections.

    You are just wandering all over the place with utter BS.

    Fireball meteors and impacts can register small quakes from the impact or atmospheric shockwaves… but you are assuming all earthquakes are of meteoric origin, then you get into solar activity (which has NOTHING to do with meteors or earthquakes, then you start rambling on about comets.

    YOu have no fucking clue what you're talking about.

  • kittensugars

    hmm, well….I must be too far away. I didn't notice or feel a thing, and I am just East of Phoenix. We are whited out today, by the way. If there's anything up there, they don't want us to see it.

  • theBald1

    It was a 5.8 earthquake that hit Virginia.. they started out saying that it was a 5.9 but then they downgraded it.. i live in Hopewell VA and I can remember it like it was yesterday.. lol.. I had just bought a new loud 100 watt tube guitar amp, and I cranked it up and when I hit the first note the whole house started shaking… I was like damn it!!! But it kept shaking and you could actually hear the earth moaning.. it was so crazy..

  • Donna Reeves

    I hope that guy goes back and finds that meteorite that was awesome thank you for explaining the pole movement I wonder if it's going to be totally off come back around on the inside of the circle or is it going to be just huge wide turn on the outside…or maybe get back on track. we'll have to wait and see thank you Jesse

  • jason holgate

    Jessie do you believe the proton spike was anything to do with the sound phenomena which was heard all over the world on the 29/11? Seems a bit of a coincidence. If you haven't heard about it I'd suggest you investigate. Booms heard all over UK,Europe,Australia and parts of the USA.