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  • RaiderDeepBall

    Looks more like a yuppie hangout than a football stadium. It's going to attract more casual "fans" than hardcore. And that's not a good mix, hardcore and yuppies.

  • mickser101

    Looks like an amazing stadium, very well designed. However 65,000 seats is about 15,000 short for me. Greater LA has a pop. of 18 Million and could easily fill 80,000+ seats even with competition from USC, UCLA and Chargers. Keep Raiders in Oakland, keep Chargers in SD, keep Rams in STL all getting new stadiums hopefully. Eventually move the Jaguars to LA joining the AFC South. Make it happen

  • Osaji Obi

    If you think about it, the Raiders really should still be in LA. Raiders coming back to Oakland is like the Lakers going to LA and then back to Minneapolis or the Dodgers back to Brooklyn. Once you make the move to a bigger market like LA, you stay. Thinking of it like this should ease the pain for you Oaklanders. What's taking place is actually what should have been done 20 years ago. A new stadium in LA is what Al Davis wanted and never got.

  • Lorenzo Bryant

    I like how the narrator goes "And even take a selfie" lmao. But god damn that stadium looks freaking amazing. Its now becoming really hard to turn that down

  • KarzolaTV

    To be honest, the Raiders should move to LA. The way Oakland treats them and basically forces them to share a field is embarrassing and disrespectful.

    Oakland and its people don't deserve an NFL franchise. All they do is fight anyways. Oakland could careless about the team considering they've done nothing to keep them.

    Mark Davis should just tell the truth, "we are leaving, Oakland doesn't want us" and leave.

  • Dan H

    I want my Raiders to stay in Oakland, but I'm not going to lie, this looked dope AF lol. Another note, none of those people on field are going to be able to see shit with 53+ 6'5" players walking around lol.

  • TheSeattlehawk94

    Bonus…If you answer your phone in that stadium Sutherland tells you he has a rifle pointed at you and makes you tell your wife you wanted to fuck Katie Holmes, before she was tainted by Tom Cruise.

  • Fernando Varela

    I like this stadium, but I've got two complaints.
    1) Carson is not a good location. It is technically "central" if you include Orange County, but it's a long drive from anywhere in SoCal (Unless you live in Carson)
    2) This seems to prioritize the casual fan and the Mega-Rich over the team supporters. I mean they tried to make it sound like this is a stadium for everyone during the video but every other slide had some reference to the 'VIPs' getting a treatment like no other.

  • Rodney Wiggins

    Why everybody saying come back home Raiders? We are home. Been Oakland before LA move. The LA move was just Al showing the NFL they can't tell him what he can do with his team. We need to stay Oakland. That's where home is. That's where the most loyal fans in the NFL are