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  • karen taylor

    Very excited and smart to put the trailer out with Star Wars movie! Hugh fan of both, so it's a win, win in my eye's!

  • Doofbert Hansen

    Just saw the leaked german version and have to say: It looks awful – Even the make up of Spock looks cheap.

    Enterprise gets heavily damaged (or even destroyed) and the crew is stranded with other alien species on an unknown planet.

  • Zesko Whirligan

    Neither Star Wars or Star Trek fall into the category of "science fiction"…. They're both "space fantasy," as they have ZERO to do with any known or even feasible "science"… The main difference between Star Wars and Star Trek is that Star Wars is a depiction of EXTINCT sapace-faring culture from a billion years ago, while Star Trek is a depiction of space-faring cultures centuries in the future. Which universe is technically superior? Easy… Star Trek has been exploring and mastering time travel since the first season of the first series, while Star Wars has NEVER gotten into time travel and never will.

  • sammi4982

    I love 'old Star Trek' and soooo happy to still be around for the new 'Star Trek'- what's NOT to love about prequels, sequels…? Epilogues make me sad though :(

  • Khaled Reza

    lol her stutter though, if it was an action of a person they would fall once on a stairs and when trying to get up fall again double fall ol

  • Peter Goulding

    Well, as for myself, I really enjoyed all versions of Star Trek as well as all the Star Wars movies. I think back over the years there was one Star Trek show that after I believe kind of lost its appeal after the third season but I did continue watch the complete series. I think the latest movies with Chris Pine as captain Kirk was pretty cool I enjoyed both movies. I'm really looking forward to the new Star Trek movie as well as the new Star Wars…

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