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  • CumbriaCrack

    The officers at the scene in this video are not armed that is why they are holding only their truncheons, as you can hear on the radio they are waiting for and directing a 'Trojan' unit to the address, 'Trojan' units are armed police and clearly not on scene when this video was taken

  • Nathan Masters

    Why didn't they just call the armed unit? They're always quick to react when it's drugs, all you see is 20 police officers holding riot shields and MP5s! Why didn't they do it here?

  • Jolly Xanthior

    It seems to me that most people weren't paying attention to the video, the victim was killed in a different house, not the one he was arrested in.

  • 9093qwerty

    >Police officer shoots black man
    Fucking racist pigs, I bet if he was white the police wouldn't have shot him, it's just because he's black! Black lives matter!

    >Police officer doesn't shoot black man
    Fucking dumb pigs, you should have shot him, all 20 of you just stood there and watched as the guy beheaded that woman! why didn't you shoot him! God I hate police!

    Make up your mind you dumb autistics.

  • veky007

    I wish this happened in russia they would just need one police car not like tons of useless and even a chopper

  • walllster

    I think the Police acted well. I'm not sure if any were armed but by the time the police located him and got him barricaded off, the man already killed the lady and they couldn't do anything without harming themselves (However alternatively, the law states no-one should value their lives above somebody elses). In my opinion, they acted well and unlike America don't go in all guns blazing killing everyone in sight, that's just wrong. Think of the consequences if they killed the man. Racism, people accusing the policemen of discriminating against the disabled (DDA) springs to mind. Taking into account the man has Schizophrenia he wasn't in control of his actions.. quite clearly. Say what you want but this is my opinion after taking things into account, the woman was already killed before they located the man and was through no-fault of his own. The man was clearly not sane enough to live where he did as he has been found not guilty of the murder on the case of insanity.

  • Allusion Doze

    If it were a white guy beheading a black old woman it would have been hushed down as a mental illness tragedy.

  • Llama

    Question, why doesn't a fucking police helicopter carry a tranquilizer sniper? He could have been out within 5 mins and safely delivered to a mental hospital, and the victim would have lived

  • TurboXtr3me

    what the fuck kinda police is that not even keeping firearms in their vehicles? are they that naive? This is stupid and irresponsible, and its about time somebody did something about that.

  • Blahbluh

    IF they used guns and shot him down. bitches would be like yeah police shot black man. blah blah blah. racist etc..
    The police didnt , now everyone blames the police for being useless

  • Aiden Masters

    I don't understand why people are moaning about this being released just because of his mental state? I don't hear you moaning when there's footage of street killings or terrorist attacks being shown on the television or those videos you watched when Lee Rigby was killed by those Islamic mentally insane freaks that was patrolling the street with cleavers in their hands. His mental state shouldn't determine anything.. A crime is a crime.